How to turn on profile guard on Facebook 2023 easy guide

Facebook is the most popular social media platform that has millions of daily active users where users share their moments with their loved ones. And keeping your personal information and photos safe from strangers is very important. Facebook has a useful feature called Profile Guard that can help you to keep your personal information secure. in this article, we have provided all information about how you can turn it on and what are its benefits. Without further ado, grab your phone, and let’s get your Facebook more secure.

What is Facebook’s Profile guard?

it is one of the handy privacy features of Facebook that can help you to add another security layer to your profile.

Facebook’s Profile Guard privacy feature gives users more discretion over their profile pictures. Users can better protect their profile pictures and stop unauthorized users from using them by turning on this feature. It provides a variety of privacy-enhancing security features, such as prohibitions on profile picture downloading, sharing, and screenshotting.

Say goodbye to random strangers Downloading and misusing your photos like it’s their own. with Facebook this privacy feature, you can have peace of mind and maintain your online identity.

Importance of Profile Gruad:

prevents picture pilfering: Your profile picture can be the most easily accessible thing on your Facebook account. and you don’t want people to steal and misuse it right? Profile guard makes it hard to download and screenshot your priceless pictures.

Prevent misuse: Imagine someone stealing your profile picture and pretending to be you online. That’s like having a malicious twin causing havoc online! Profile Guard acts as your digital bodyguard, making it tougher for identity thieves to pull off their sneaky tricks. Keep your online personal intact and let the world know who the real you is!

Privacy: privacy is a basic human right. This great feature is like a virtual shield that helps you to protect your profile picture and avoid strangers to download it.

How to activate Profile Guard:

Notice: If you have locked your profile, the profile guard option will not show up.

  • Login your Facebook account on your device.
  • Go to your Facebook profile.
  • Tap on your profile picture.
  • Now tap on the turn on profile picture guard option.
Your profile page on facebook
  • Tap on the next button.
  • Now tap on the save button
information about profile guard

After doing all these steps a shied icon will appear on your profile picture which means that you have activated this feature on your profile.

How to turn off the profile guard?

in order to turn off this feature you need to do the above steps.

Go to your Facebook profile> tap on your profile picture> Select turn off profile guard.


How to secure a profile picture?

You can easily secure your profile picture by locking your Facebook profile or turning on the profile guard feature on Facebook

Can my friends still see and interact with my profile picture?

Yes, your friends, and see your profile picture. profile guard mainly restricts access to strangers and non-friends.

Can I change my profile picture with the profile guard enabled?

Yes, you can change your profile picture and the settings you have applied will remain in place for the new picture as well.

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