How Can You Make Money by Gaming on YouTube in 2023?

Many people make money from game streaming on YouTube. Thanks to technology, the number of so-called game streamers is increasing every day.

Meanwhile, YouTube is one of the top platforms for making money through gaming and game streaming, and it is a great source of income for many professional streamers.

If you also like to make money from game streaming on YouTube, but you are not familiar with its ways and you don’t know what game streaming is and how you can earn money by playing on YouTube, join us to fully review this issue.

What is streaming?

The word Stream is used in the Internet world when you use your Internet connection on mobile devices, computers, game consoles, etc. to access a service immediately and online, without waiting for a download.

Did you notice what happened? That is, if you want to watch a content as a stream, you do not need to download and wait for the file to be received and stored on a physical memory, and you will see it directly without occupying space on the Internet.

Some examples for streaming:

Examples of these include:

  • watching movies and TV series through Netflix
  • watching recipe videos on Facebook
  • watching games on YouTube
  • listening to your favorite singer’s latest album on Spotify
  • and so on.

All of these things can happen instantly with a proper internet connection without the need for physical downloads.

Who is called a Game Streamer?

With these descriptions, you can probably guess who Game Streamer is. A “Game streamer” is someone who directly provides you with a streaming service, that is, a gamer who shares his gameplay with subscribers through a platform such as YouTube.

Gamers play their game on PC, console or mobile, record it live and then stream it on YouTube for subscribers to enjoy without having to download.

Many game streamers archive or store footage of their games in their channel archives so that people who haven’t seen the game live can watch it whenever they want. In addition to YouTube, game streamers can use various other platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, Mixer and many other platforms.

how to earn money from YouTube
how to earn money from YouTube by monetization

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How to stream the game on YouTube?

To make money from game streaming on YouTube, you need to go through some steps first. These steps are:

Create a YouTube channel

YouTube Gaming has taken many forms over the years, but recently this feature of YouTube has been placed as a tab in the user interface. If you have a YouTube account (which is connected to your Google account) and the basic equipment (high-speed Internet, game console or computer and headphones and webcam) to play, that’s enough to get started.

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Use a streaming software

Next, you need to use the right software for streaming. There are various software in this field.

Two of the most popular streaming software are OBS Studio and Streamlabs. We’ll choose OBS Studio , as it’s one of the simplest and most powerful tools for streaming games to YouTube.

This software is offered as open source and completely free, and you can easily download it from the OBS studio website.

Click here to go to Download page

If you want to learn more about How To Live Stream On YouTube With OBS, MyAdviseNow suggests you watch the below video:

After installing the app and logging into your account, you can start creating scenes. Scenes in OBS are the sources that you select as Source in the program. In fact, your input sources are for streaming.

After installing OBS Studio, which is easy to do, you can start streaming your game on YouTube with the step-by-step guide of this program.

To produce a professional game stream, you can manage the windows from your dashboard page and according to your desired pattern, add new scenes or apply sound and mixer to the game.

Play your stream on YouTube to make money from game streaming on YouTube

When you have adjusted the game scene with the software to your liking and made the related settings to the software, it is time to broadcast the game live on YouTube. To start streaming, you can start streaming by pressing the Start streaming button.

Before you start live streaming your game on YouTube, YouTube Gaming asks you to enter a title for your game stream and a brief description for it. You can also add your game stream to an existing event.

You can also link your Twitter account to YouTube to automatically send a tweet letting your followers know that your game is live on YouTube.

Earn money as a gamer from YouTube

As monetization of game streaming on YouTube is linked to your main account on the platform, the same general requirements and prerequisites as YouTube apply to enable the monetization feature.

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Once you reach the initial conditions of YouTube to earn money as a gamer, you can activate ads in your stream, including the ads of this platform, we can mention the pre-roll ads, which are the ads that are shown before the start of your game. Streams to the audience, interstitial that are shown while your game is playing, and banner ads that are shown to the audience, all of which will generate dollars for the gamer.

How much money from game streaming on YouTube?

If you become a famous gamer on YouTube and want to make money with gaming on YouTube, there is a real earning potential for you.

Top YouTube gamer Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, has the most subscribers (111 million subscribers) on his YouTube channel, earning $15.5 million annually. In terms of the number of subscribers, he surpassed celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Will Smith.

So, it can be said that there is no limit to make money from game streaming on YouTube and it depends on how creative you are in playing the game and becoming famous.

It is difficult to say how much do gaming YouTubers make per 1,000 views. The average monthly earning of YouTube gamers because their income fluctuates a lot according to the number of viewers. On average, a game streamer on YouTube will earn $3-$5 for every 1000 views your video gets.

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Six Ways to earn money from games on YouTube

YouTube gamers can earn money with investment opportunities such as Super Chat and channel memberships. They can also earn money through advertising, sponsorships and providing services to other streamers.

To make money from game streaming on YouTube, like all content producers on YouTube, they must meet the general conditions of earning money from YouTube.

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we have mentioned six different ways that you can earn money from YouTube through games below:

1.YouTube Super Chat

YouTube Super Chat allows game viewers to pay a fee (between $1 and $500) to a game streamer to have their chat appear at the top of the chat feed for a period of time.

This feature is especially useful in channels where multiple viewers are typing at the same time, and useful for companies that want to advertise to game fans. YouTube takes 30% of the fee and leaves 70% to the game streamer.

2.Membership in the YouTube gaming section

YouTube Gaming allows influencers to give exclusive gifts (extra videos, exclusive YouTube emojis, etc.) to viewers who subscribe to their channel.

YouTube game streamers have the opportunity to decide what kind of memberships to offer their members (from 99 cents to $99.99) and what privileges to give to members at each level.

Gamers can also name each membership level they offer, for example a Gold membership can cost members $99.99. 70% of the membership fee belongs to the YouTube gamer and the remaining 30% goes to the YouTube platform.


Although the YouTube platform does not have a built-in donation system, you can raise funds using other platforms. Recently, Patreon has gained a lot of fans among YouTubers.

4.Advertisements before the start of the game or during the game

One of the best ways to make money from gaming on YouTube is advertising. You can easily play YouTube ads before or during your game and earn money from it. Advertising income varies from one channel to another according to the content, number of subscribers and its popularity.

5.Advertisement of products on YouTube game channel

If you perform well among the viewers, many companies will decide to sponsor your game and you can earn money by showing merchandise related to the game industry.

6.Advertisements for other YouTubers

Many times, other YouTube channels ask you to promote their channel. In this case, you can advertise by receiving fees from these channels.

FAQ about how to make money from game streaming on YouTube

These questions have been asked by you and the support team of MyAdviseNow has answered them.

What is the game copyright issue?

Most of the games have a copyright for the music, and if you make a video from the game environment, you should pay attention to this point. In order not to include copyright, you can lower the sound of the game or talk on the video. You can also use a music without copyright.

If the video is only from the game environment and does not have sound or image, will we earn?

YouTube has recently imposed more strictures on income and pays less attention to videos that do not use the person’s own voice or image. In this case, it is suggested that you do something that is more certain to achieve income.

Do we have to mention the name of the creator of the game?

YouTube usually automatically adds game details to your description. To be sure, before publishing the video, make sure that the game-play and the music of the game text do not include copyright.

Can I use several different game models in my channel?

Yes, there is no problem with this and you can use any game you like.

final word

Many game streamers have been able to earn side income by streaming their games on the YouTube platform. Some have even managed to make money from YouTube completely without another job as a gamer.

Although the strategies to make money from game streaming on YouTube through gaming may be a little time-consuming, in time it can be satisfying for gamers to get results.

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