8 ways to earn money while you are asleep | 2021 Update

Does your money increase when you are asleep? Wouldn’t that be great if that was true? Since we are still living in the age of the Internet, earning auxiliary income is not a difficult task. According to this point, in the following, MyAdviseNow (MAN) will introduce 8 ways to earn money while you are asleep.

A glance at 8 ways of earning money while sleeping:

  1. Building a site
  2. Selling educational products
  3. Earn money from royalties
  4. Create a community with membership design
  5. Set up an autoresponder
  6. sell Website
  7. Sell physical products
  8. Rent out property

1- Building a site (Blogging)

Perhaps the most popular way to make money in your sleep is to start your own website. This only takes 5 minutes and is very inexpensive. Just provide a domain and hosts. Of course, this 5-minute time is just for setting up a simple site, and more time is needed to design a professional site.

Then start creating great content that others will love to read or share. For example, if you are a professional web designer who advises others on SEO and site optimization, this could be the subject of your website.

Make sure the topics you write about are popular. If you still love your old car and want to write about the issues of that car, it is unlikely that there will be many people who want to use your site.

As soon as the number of visitors to your site increases slightly, you can earn money from your site through the following methods:

Partnership in selling other people’s products.

In this way, you put other people’s products or services on your site. Make sure they are relevant to your site. For example, that SEO and optimization website can display hosting services. Once you find a business partner, you will receive a code from them that you need to put on your site. This will give you a commission when one of your visitors clicks on your partner’s product link.


If your website has enough traffic to sell other people’s products, it might be good enough for advertisers to pay for advertising on your site. You may start with very low costs, for example, less than 20 US dollars for each ad, but eventually, you can increase this cost. Again, your site content should be of good quality.

Find sponsors

This is a little different from placing ads on the site. Collaborating with the sponsor can be in the form of writing a special article for him or showing his logo in the footer section of the site.

2- Sell your educational products

If you have enough skills and knowledge in a certain field, you can start producing various products such as e-books or videos and sell them on your website. It may take a long time to produce and market your products, but once everything is done properly, you can just relax and save on sales.

3- Earn money from your royalties

The third most common way to earn a living is through royalties. If you have a talent for music, acting or writing, you can earn money from your royalties. In other words, people will pay to use your work.

If you do not have enough talent but still want to make money from the franchise, check the franchise assignment. There are sites or markets where you can buy and sell royalties.

4- Create sites with membership rights

If you introduce yourself as an expert and have a little bit of a reputation, you can create a website where users have to pay a monthly fee to be able to sign up to access the unique information you provide. Information that none of them knew before joining your site.

One of my favorite examples is Timothy Sykes, which earns more than $ 100,000 a month by selling membership fees. This site provides information on how people earn money from low-value stocks.

5- Set up an autoresponder

Another common business model is to use autoresponders to sell services, products, or memberships. This is where visitors place their email on your site and then receive an automated email containing a link to download the quality products or services you offer, followed by a series of other emails aimed at doing email marketing for They are sent. To do this you need a service like OptinMonster.

6- Sell the website

If you spend a lot of time designing a site and getting a lot of traffic, you can promote and sell your site on websites like Flippa. The author of this article has bought and sold many websites and has earned a lot of money through Flippa.

7- Sell physical products

Just like content production websites, there are many ways to make money in your sleep by selling physical products. Perhaps one of the best-known ways to sell your second-hand goods is on eBay. Even if you have nothing to sell, you can start selling intermediaries. That way you sell a company’s products on eBay or Amazon and other things like shipping will be the responsibility of the company itself.

You can also design your own online store by Woocommerce. They provide everything you need for selling online. From full online shopping store to shopping buttons on your social networks.

8- Rent out property

Thanks to Airbnb, you can rent your house on vacation or your vacation home when you are not using it. You can also rent your own unused garage, parking lot, or office space. This is a good complementary income and in fact, nothing is done except to place an ad.

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