6G technology

Forget about the 5G network | the Chinese are working on 6G technology

The year 2019 should be the beginning of the worldwide 5G network. But now many players in the field of communications are thinking of 6G technology. In the same vein, a telecom operator and a university in China have joined together to provide the groundwork for the emergence of the sixth generation of mobile networks. …

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iphone data recovery

iphone data recovery

The black screen, or the death page, and data recovery of iPhone is one of the problems that iOS users are facing so that no user can access their iPhone and iOS devices and nothing on the phone. It will not show up and when you call, the phone will ring, but you will not …

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how to transfer files

How to Transfer files

If you don’t know how to transfer files like your photos videos or anything else. That you want to transfer them from mobile to pc or from pc to mobile you need a USB cable. But if you don’t want to transfer your file with the USB cable. If you want to transfer by wires …

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5g technology

5G Technology

5G internet The world is racing to develop its infrastructure in preparation for the fifth-generation networks known as the 5G technology. Which are expected to begin to spread widely this year, offering many unprecedented features and capabilities? This 5G technology is the next generation of mobile communications standards and is fast and high coverage of …

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