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Have you seen a video on youtube and you wished for having some part of it? Ever happened to watch a video on YouTube and you wanted to cut a scene from it? Yes, Actually it happened to most people who use Youtube! Stay with MyAdviseNow and you will be acquainted with the best tool which is available on the internet for free online Youtube cutter and converter.

In the post: how to download videos from youtube there were some needs from our visitors:

  • I don’t need the whole video, how can I have my favorite part?
  • Do you know an online tool to cut and convert videos on youtube?
  • I really don’t like to install software to cut and convert my downloaded videos from youtube! Can you please suggest an online tool?
  • How to find a free online youtube cutter and converter? Is there any recommendation from your site?

The needs of users, motivated us to investigate in order to find the best available tool which can fulfill all the wishes of visitors. is our key to the solutions!

The website: is an online tool to cut and convert videos of Youtube as easy as it is possible! No need to download heavy videos just to have some parts of it! No need to install a 3rd party software! and the delicious part of it: It is FREE!

Youtube trimmer online
The first look into Homepage of:

How to cut and convert videos on

  • Copy the URL of your desired video. (below of videos on YouTube, you will see a Share button! Click on it and it will appear.)
  • Paste the video URL into the Youtube video address on
  • Press Start Cutter. The video will be automatically played.
  • You will see the cutter & converter options in below image:
How to set end time and start time on youtube cutter dot org
  • Put your desired Start time in the format: Hour: Minute: Seconds.MilliSeconds
  • The end time is also given as you see!
  • You can choose your file type! For having your cut in the format of video please select: MP4. For Audio: MP3 and also the option gif is available!
  • When all settings are done as you wished for it, simply click Cut Video to download your video!!

Cutting and converting videos of youtube was never as easy as youtube cutter dot org made it! I hope you enjoyed this post and it fulfilled your needs. Stay with MAN and enjoy the next posts!

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