How to manage your downloads on your android device

Downloads are a daily activity since web browsing is a way of life.
The best phones on the market can get cluttered with random files.
You can collect multiple downloads in very easy and fast.
What about viewing them later?
Maybe you don’t check these files often, or you don’t know where to look.
Organizing your downloads will give you more room to store them, which is a good idea.
The default file manager is the one you should use if you want to find your downloads.
If you own a SAMSUNG phone, we have a guide that will show you where to obtain downloads.
find the downloads button on your device.

  1. open my files or the files app.
  2. There is a section called Downloads.
  3. To view the files you downloaded, tap it.

Use the (files by google) for downloads and files

With the Files by Google app, you may locate a variety of third-party file management applications that meet your needs.

The Files by Google is a wonderful alternative if you don’t like the default file manager. It is simple to use and offers a flexible universal file manager. It is simple to manage your downloads because the app experience is the same across all of your phones.

  1. open the files app.
  2. The browse tab is at the bottom.
  3. There is a Downloads category.
  4. The files are in that folder if you click on the Download tab.

This approach is what you need if you want something more sophisticated. It requires going through the folders on your device by hand.

  1. The Files app is open.
  2. The browse tab is at the bottom.

3. scroll down and go to the internal storage.

4. tap the download folder.

Moving your files to any location or files you want.

For a variety of reasons, moving files out of the download folder is beneficial. These files should be placed in their own folder to prevent inadvertent deletion.

They are unable to be hidden or muddled up with the other files you downloaded.

  1. Open the file app.
  2. Go to your Downloads folder.
  3. The three-dot menu is to the right of the file.
  4. The Move to option is available.
  5. Click internal storage at the bottom.

6. Select any folder or location

7. tap the move here button to transfer the file to that location.

It’s useful to move your files away from the download folder for various of reasons.

Putting these files into their own folder makes it difficult to accidentally destroy them.

They can’t be buried and mixed in with the other files you downloaded.

copying your files

You can copy the files to another location by using the Copy option.

You can create as many duplicate files as you want without removing the original files from your Download folder.

It is possible to see the exact location of your downloads for various reasons.

  1. Go to the file info when you tap the three-dot menu next to the downloaded files.
  2. The default path for modern devices is /storage/emulated/0/download.

Managing your files is so simple and easy
if you want to manage your files and downloads easily you can use the files app by google. files by google app was builed and designed to manage your files easiest way. you are just few taps away to find and manage the files you want

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