How to hide stories on instagram. No more Unwanted Attention.

In today world social media has become an important part of our life. One of those social media platfrom is instagram that we use to share our life’s special moments and stories with friends family and followers.

Sometimes we want to keep certain aspects of our lives out of the public eye.

There is always some people who you don’t want them so see what you are doing on instagram and stories. You easily can get rid of them by hidding your stories from them to protect your personal information and privacy…

hide stories on instagram

  1. Open the instagram app.
  2. Go to your profiles page.
instagram profile page

3. Tap on the 3 bars in top right cornor

4. Open the setting and privacy.

instagram menus

5. Scroll down and find (Hide story from) button.

6. Tap on the (hide story from)

setting and privacy page

7. Choose the person you want to hide your stories from.

hide stories on instagram

Instagram’s privacy setting allow users to control who sees their stories and who do not.

These opition and setting can help you to keep your stories out the public eye. while using instagram be carefull before sharing your personal infromation online.
That’s all you need to hide your stories. by using instagram’s privacy settings and taking control of your of stories you can enjoy your online life safely.

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