7 Android features that make them stand out from IOS

There is always a debate between the users of this two tech giants if your a tech person you probably heard about the never ending debate Android vs IOS.

While both operating systems have their own set of features and advantages, there’s no denying that Android devices have some unique features that make them stand out.
In this post, we will look at seven unique Android features that might make you switch teams.
Get ready for some serious phone envy!

Feature #1: Customizable Home Screen

One of the amazing things about Android devices is that you can customize your home screen to suit your needs and preferences. With iOS devices, you are stuck with the default home screen layout.

You have complete control over Android’s icon and widget layout, and you can add, remove, and rearrange them as you see fit.

If you want quick access to your favorite apps_news and weather add them to the home screen as a widgets there is endless possibilities on Anroid’s home screen.

feature #2:Open Source Operating System

Linux is an open source software that is used in the Android operating system.
Anyone can contribute to the development of the operating system.
There are a lot of custom ROMs for Android devices.
Users have a lot of choice when it comes to using their devices.
On the other hand Apple’s closed source operating system is called iOS.
Only Apple can make changes to the code and users can not customize their devices.

feature #3: Widgets and Active Notifications

Android devices offer a lot of unique and great features that make them kinda better than IOS devices. one those feature is the ability is to add active notificaion and widgets on the home screen. this allows users to see information at a glance without opening an app,which is convenient.

Widgets are small, customizeable applications that can be added to the home screen to show information such as news, weather, calendar and other apps.

Active notifications are another type of home screen customization. They allow
users to see missed calls, new messages, or other important information without
having to open an app.

Both active notificaions and widgets help you to see informations with launching an app, which can save your time.

Feature #4: Advnaced sharing features

Assuming you’re talking about Android Oreo and later, there are some pretty useful
sharing features that take advantage of NFC. If you have two devices with NFC
turned on and they’re close to each other, you can share content by tapping them
together. This is called Android Beam.
Using Google Drive or Dropbox is not required when using Android Beam to transfer files between two devices. Again, both devices need to have NFC
turned on and be close to each other. To do this, open the file on one device and
then tap the back of the other device to beam it over.
There is aslo a feature if you want to share your screen with your other device. It’s called Screen Sharing and it works over Wi-Fi Direct. To use it, both
of your devices need to connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Feature #5: Multi user support

Android devices make it easy to add and switch between multiple users. To add a
new user
simply go to Settings > Users and tap on “Add User”. You can then create
a profile for the new user, which they can use to access their own apps,
documents, and files. Switching between users is just as easy – simply go to
Settings > Users and tap on the user you want to switch to.
This is an other great feature for android users.

Feature #6: Mobile Hotspot capabillities

if you always want to be stay connected, then a mobile Hotspot is a feature you must have.

Android users easily can turn their phone into a Hotspot and share data with other devices. it is perfect to use when you are traveling and need data or entertain your family on a long car ride.

And unlike iOS devices, there’s no need

to worry about using up all of your data allowance, as most Android plans include

Feature #7: Unlockable Bootloader

The fact that android devices have is one of their distinctive features. a unlockable bootloader.

This means that users can root their devices and install a custom ROM if they want. this feature is not possible with iOS which are lock down with apple.

Android users have a lot of freedom when it comes with customization of their devices.


Android devices are unique in their own ways, offering a diverse range of features
that make them stand out from iOS. Whether it’s the customizability of its user
interface, the availability of Google services or the vast selection of third-party
apps available in its app store, Android has something to offer everyone. With so
many great features on offer and continued support for emerging technologies like
5G networks and AI assistants, there is no doubt that Android will remain a popular

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