5 Online Business Ideas For Pakistani Household Women

In Pakistan, only 23% of women and 77% of men work. For the better economy and growth of nation, it is important for both men and women to work. In developed countries the statistics are quite different. In the US the percentage of working women is 47% that is almost double to Pakistan.

But the question arises, what women can do in Pakistan to earn money? OR how can women in Pakistan work from home and make money? This article will cover all these topics.

Online Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance is becoming very popular after the novel coronavirus. People now like to virtual assistance then employment. It saves their office space and cost them less. It gives an advantage to women in Pakistan to work from home and does simple administrative tasks.

The tasks mainly include scheduling the appointments and managing the calendar. You may also have to note important tasks for your employer and manage his emails and social media accounts on his behalf. It also includes data entry tasks and admin support. You can register on Virtual Assistance websites or apply for a job on LinkedIn.


You can teach children online through skype and other video conferencing softwares. The method is quite simple you can search websites like VIPkids to teach English to students of primary class. You can also join some Facebook groups where parents from western countries look for teachers to teach their children about the Quran and Islam.

You can contact them via social media or an agency that works in your area and work remotely from your home according to their timezone.

Affiliate Marketing

You can become affiliate marketer. In affiliate marketing, you sell a product of a company and they give you a commission for it. You can create an account on affiliate websites like Jvzoo, Commission Junction, and Warrior plus. You will create account on these websites and choose a product to promote and then the website will give you a specific affiliate link. 

Whenever a person click on that link or buy the product you will get a commission. You can spread link on social media platforms. But be careful as Facebook does not allow affiliate link submission. You have to make a landing page or shorten it to send it on Facebook.


You can start freelancing on various freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour and Guru. You can sell your skill. These are very good freelancing websites that can give you good income monthly.

It will take some time for you to rank your profile but once you are in good position. The income grows very fastly on freelancing platforms. Make a good profile and always try to provide best service to your client.

Youtube Channel

You can start a youtube channel. You may think I don’t know anything or I don’t want to face a camera. These are myths and excuses. You don’t have to be an expert and you don’t have to face a camera to start a youtube channel. Just start telling what you know. 

If still can’t find anything or any idea for the youtube channel. Get popular quotes and make video on them. People are making thousands of dollars just by them. This is just one example use your brain and work on the idea!

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