Future of Digital Marketing In Pakistan

The future of digital marketing is very brightened in Pakistan. Pakistan is running many initiatives for people to learn digital marketing and make it a profession.

Digital marketing is booming everywhere in the world. Now, restaurant and hotels outsource their marketing to focus on their primary business. It helps them lower their cost and hire experts who can increase their business. This enables digital marketers from all over the world to grab this opportunity and become a part of it. 

Scope of digital marketing

In the US only 124 billion dollars were spent on digital ads in 2019 and this will continue to grow. If we can get a chunk of it. It will be much. With this, it can be said that the future of digital marketing in Pakistan is very bright. As they prefer hiring people from Pakistan and other Asian countries.

Today every business understands the importance of social media platform and running ads on them are effective and targeted. Digital marketers help them increase their business and increase their business also increase the profit of digital marketer. 

You can get clients easily because every business requires a social media marketer and if you can an expert in it clients will come after you.

Advantages of digital marketing

More job opportunities 

More job opportunities will be available for digital marketers because every digital marketing company and start-up need digital marketing experts and It has increased significantly in the last two years.

job opportunities - future of digital marketing

As you can see in the graph is going upward in Pakistan.

High paying profession

The average salary of digital marketers in Pakistan starts from Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000. Digital marketers who are experts and have experience of more than 3 years charge higher.

Time freedom and flexibility

Digital marketing is easier than most other professions. You just have to set-up an ad and let it run automatically. However, You do need to check if your ad is running well. Freelancers can work from anywhere in the world and in any timezone.

Types of digital marketing

Social media marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing is very popular now in Pakistan. People are hiring people to manage all their social media profiles. Promoting their brand and increasing engagements. They also reply to comments of people and post regularly on social media platforms. 

People can work for restaurants, hotels, and academic institutes to increase their popularity locally.

Facebook and Google Advertisements

facebook and google ads

Facebook and Google are the best way to get paid traffic for your website. It is very good to learn both of them. All e-commerce stores and websites are using Facebook ads to target their audience and engagement is very good on Facebook.

E-mail marketing

email marketing

If you want to sell your service or product and only want to target CEOs and directors. You can go for email marketing. It is the best way to sell your services to big companies. 

You can also use it to reach your customer by getting their email and emailing them about your new offer that can help them or solve their problem.

Final Verdict

There are so many resources and opportunities available in this century and the scope of digital marketing in Pakistan will increase in the future.  

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