5 Tools Every Digital Marketer Must Use

You have to automate things to make your work faster and smoother. Online tools are very helpful for marketers because they cost less than the salary of men and work more efficiently. 

They provide in-depth reports and make the business easy and smooth but you may not know some best tools that expert digital marketers use. So here are 5 tools every digital marketer should use. 

Push Engage:

pushengage - every digital marketer must use

It is the best tool that is trending now. Most people know how digital marketers take their email by giving them a free offer. They avoid giving their email and don’t open them. Push Engage solves the engagement problem.

When a visitor allows notification from the website and you can notify your audience anytime about your new article or service. Interestingly, it has more viewership and engagement than emails. 



It is the tool every digital marketer uses to make his work easier and more data-driven. This website helps to manage all the social media profiles under one roof and you don’t have to move from social media profiles to others.

This tool allows you to schedule and post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter. You can reply to messages from it. You can analyze the engagement from this platform and it tells which time is best to post to get the best engagement. It’s the best social automation tool that every digital marketer must use.

Get Response:

get response

It is an email marketing tool that helps digital marketers to send bulk emails with a click. You may have experience of sending email but what if you want to send an email to your thousand of customers? You need an email marketing tool that will do it for you. It integrates their name and sends your message to all people.

This tool also tells about the engagement of email and open-rate. This helps marketers to know what the audience likes and what doesn’t. They change their subject lines according to it to get maximum open-rate. Email marketing is the way to drive traffic to your website.



Buzzsumo is very good for content marketing. The tools tell you about content engagement on various social media platforms and how many views it gets. This helps a lot in making content because it gives a map of what people like and how you can do the same.

This tool also tells you about the influencer who shared the content. If the content is popular because of the share. You can note it and contact that person for your content.



Canva is the best online photo editing tool. If you can’t use photoshop you can use this tool. It is very user friendly and newbie-friendly. This tool helps you create a Facebook post, Instagram story, and infographic for your website. 

You can easily drag and drop the image and text. The images are available on the website and you can also use various templates available on the website.

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