How not knowing about social media marketing make you a rookie?

Social media marketing is becoming the best platform for marketing. It is becoming so popular because
you can reach billions of people at less cost and more effectively. It is better than print media and
television advertisements. Social media platforms give you the luxury of targeting the audience
according to their physiography. you can advertise to a specific age or salary people to sell their product.
If you are not using social media for your marketing. You are missing a very good marketing source. It is
very easy to spread your product to the whole world without much hassle. There are many ways to use
social media marketing for your business. Here are a few of them.

More Customer Engagement

Social media marketing has improved customer engagement drastically. More people can engage on
social media with your brand. They can thank you for your service or product. They can provide you
feedback about your company. They can also show their love about your company when you post
The more people engage and the better you respond to them the better will be your engagement. You
can increase your engagement by responding to customer’s comments and sending thank you messages
to those who like your post. in this way, they will love your brand more and share you with their friends
and family.

Targeted audience

Social media marketing is very good for targeting the audience that matches your criteria. You can select
many things that match your buyer’s persona and target them for your brand. Knowing buyer’s persona
is very important for advertising.
For knowing your buyer’s persona you can ask yourself: who is my ideal buyer? What is his age group?
What is his salary/ monthly income? What things he likes? How does my product solve the problem?
These questions are very useful for targeting your ideal audience and selling. You can always remember
“if everyone is your buyer then, no one is your buyer.”


Social media marketing is very cost-effective and with social platforms, you can reach more people with
less expenditure of money. As social media platforms are targeted so you can spend money only on
people who need your product or service.

Unlike other advertising mediums, you can know about your buyer better on social media. There are
software that tracks people’s habits and suggests products that are relevant to them. This is especially
used by giant E-commerce stores. The browsing history of any person acts as a blueprint of their
subconscious mind. You can get people to your website through social media marketing and then make
them your permanent customer through the next point.


The best advertising platforms are Facebook ads and Google ads. Both of these platforms can help you
retarget people who have visited your website. You can advertise them by their cookies on your
website. Cookies track the specific IP of a user and then you can advertise them again about your
It is simple phycology if you constantly expose people to some product they will buy it.

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