5 Common Blogging Mistakes

5 common blogging mistakes beginner bloggers always do. We always tell this everywhere do not force enter like if you want to earn money. You should make blogger so don’t do this any time. In every kind of person, they have about ten or fifteen ideas. So they think they will write ten or fifteen ideas easily so don’t do this mistake that after this their ideas will be finished. And if they wrote ideas in one week so they write them in five-week and problems will great.

First, you select in which you are interested if you are interested in taking so you can make taking blogging so in which subject do you have a thousand ideas and you can write about the good so you should select that.so I am going to tell you about 5 tips common blogging mistakes of bloggers.

common blogging mistakes

1. Publish too much and too little

The first tip of the common blogging mistake is that An ordinary visitor wants content when it’s not far and not near it must be on time! but a new blogger that he is starting as a blogger is excited and he published content very easy and continuously that it is annoying the visitor and on the other hand he is exited in first but after a while he will be tired and he will be published content after a long time because of this the visitors will forget you.so the best way to avoid this mistake is scheduling and scheduling, and every blog has different activities types. and you just be published your content one or two times a week that you will not do the common blogging mistakes.

2.lack of focus on the visitor

The second tip of common blogging mistake beginner does. The common blogging mistakes are Calling the audience takes a lot of time. And effort so before starting your blog, you must think that which audience you want and what is their demands.

For example, If do you want an audience to travel and have fun or people who don’t travel? The answer to this simple question at the beginning helps you. That you must plane your content and decide how to share your travel stories.

3.writing a long article about your subject

The third mistake of the 5 tip common blogging mistakes is, Most of the beginner’s bloggers write content about that tittle they are familiar and they are forgetting that visitors or audiences are not dominated on that title So writing a long article or content complex the interest of your reader. For topics with long and wide content, it is best to divide the article into a similar section and use simple words in your content that everyone will understand.

4.The use of dry and official literature

Simple and spoken literature is much more suitable for personal blogs than the official language. Try to write in the usual tone as if you want to explain the story to a newcomer. The most common blogging mistakes that beginners do are in this paragraph.

5. Too much focusing on SEO rather than delivering content

Instead of concentrating on the main purpose of blogging, beggginers bloggers often focus on the way to attract the audience. Although SEO is an important tool. Focusing too much on keywords, the tone of the post appears to be abnormal, Having at least one picture in the post is at least as important as the keywords. Other aspects of the presentation, such as the insertion of the hole in the next, proper title and spending the time to edit the text help for improving the SEO.

At last :

In the end, remember that you may commit the mistakes as well. even if you don’t make these mistakes, you will make other mistakes and the new bloggers are putting a lot of pressure on everything that they want their blogsĀ must be great, but what is important at the start of your activity is the first to release on the web.

Before You Go:

This article was about 5 tips common blogging mistakes for beginners. Also, these articles and others like it were created to help you, it would be nice if we had your feedback to see how well or how bad we did with this tutorial. So go ahead and share in the comments.


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