What is programming?

Before you want to start programming. However, you must know about the languages of programming and you must choose the best language for learning. And It will not boring. In plain language, programming or programming languages is the writing of commands. That a computer-like system understands and executes our commands one by one.

Now, a programming language provides us with instructions and rules as a programmer. Where we can talk about computers and computer systems. In programming, every command we want to execute is a statement. Now, to write a number of Statements, we need a text editor to enter the desired commands. Fortunately, programming is a skill that does not necessarily require a university. And anyone who is merely interested in learning. It can become a programmer in an area of interest within a few months-and eventually one year-a programmer. And we will introduce you to some programming languages below.

programming languages

programming languages

we have so many programming languages and we introduce you some of them above all:

1. Javascript programming language:

(JavaScript) is the HTML and Web language. Learning this scripting language is very easy and at the same time, enjoyable. Javascript is currently one of the most popular and most used programming languages. With Javascript or JS, you can do incredibly large and different tasks. I’ve listed some of these things below to find out
exactly what the JavaScript is and what it does.

You can use JavaScript to:

  • Create graphics animations. Have a photo slider
  • Control the user input forms and, for example, check that the user password is at least 5 characters long. Specify a specific occurrence when a user clicks on a member
  • Add or drop HTML tags or make changes to it. Respond to user behaviors
  • Change styles, colors, sizes, and generally CSS codes
  • Show users error messages or success stories
  • Create menus that open when they use their mouse over them. Math calculations
  • Find the IP user
  • Understand that the user is watching with your mobile web page or desktop
  • And hundreds of other creative and creative work

2. Python programming language:

Python is an open source programming language. That provides you with a very powerful and professional way of working with languages and tools with ease. For this purpose, this language has very large libraries that can be learned and used within a few days. The code is written in Python language. Is applicable to a wide range of platforms, such as Linux, Windows, Mac, even mobile phones. Python is now widely used by companies and organizations such as NASA, Google, Yahoo, and more.
Blender, Mailman, Civilization IV, BitTorrent and so on are software that was created using this language.

  • Learning Python is simple
  • Python is widely used and supported
  • This language can also be used in conjunction with common programming
  • This language is also used in conjunction with machine learning and data science
  • Python is also used in conjunction with Web services and RESTful functions
  • This language is used in conjunction with Metaprogramming programming
  • Python is a sticky language
3. Php programming language:

It is a programming language we can use to create dynamic web pages.PHP performs behind-the-scenes works on web pages.

  • PHP is an Open Source scripting language. This means that the use of PHP is completely free and you will not be charged with any costs.
  • PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, where PHP is a special name.
  • PHP codes must run on a server. This server can be a real server or a server on your computer (using software such as wamp or xampp)
  • This programming language is used in many of the world’s major web sites.
4. Java programming language:

James Arthur Gosling is a Canadian computer scientist that created Java language. James Gosling was tired of writing the program with ++ C and designed Java to meet his needs. Java is an object-oriented programming language. Java is similar to the C ++ Plus programming language, but the object-oriented model is easier than C ++ Plus. The Java name was taken from the Jsut Another Vague Acronym. This was because the team of Java programmers was keen on coffee. This is evident in the Java logo.

With Java, you can write the following types of programs:

  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
  • Large Applications (Enterprise)
  • Programming small systems such as mobile phones, pocket computers and …
5. C Programming Language:

This is one of the most popular and powerful programming languages that attracts a lot of programs. C language can be understood as the father of C ++ programming language and grandfather of C#. The Java and C++ languages are based on C. The programming language C is a general-purpose language, intermediate, structured, and grammatical. One of the benefits of language C is the lack of dependency on particular hardware or operating system.

C Programming Language Features:

  • A multi-purpose language
  • The most influential programming language in the world of computers
  • A structured and portable language
  • The language is the system
  • The language is small and the number of keywords is a handful
  • An intermediate level language
  • It has high speed, power, and flexibility
  • There is no limit to the program
  • The letters are case sensitive and all the keywords in this language are written in lower case
  • Integrated Development Environments
6. C++ Plus Programming Language:

C++ is rapidly expanding to meet the practical needs of a growing language. The needs of which enable a scripting language to efficiently manage different types of data together. The core of the implementation of this language is the concept of object-oriented programming. Nowadays, C++ has taken a commercial market, so this is a programming language. Both for both operating system programmers and application software developers.

Some of the most important features therefor:

  • templates
  • classes
  • Virtual functions
  • operator overloading
  • Exception Handling
  • Multiple inheritances
7. Ruby programming language:

A flexible and open source language with a focus on simplicity and productivity, and object-oriented. Ruby language supports various programming paradigms, including functional, object-oriented, and reflective. Ruby is a free and open source language, not only free but also free to use, copy, modify, and distribute. And It is among the top 10 programming languages for measuring indicators such as TIOBE.

Some features:

  • Quite an object-oriented
  • Dynamic
  • Flexible
  • Supports iterators and closures
  • Local support for regular expressions
  • Operator override High portability
  • It is implemented on all major operating systems
  • Native API connectivity in C
  • Great standard library
8. SWIFT programming language:

Swift is a compiled language developed and developed by Apple for developing the application for iOS and OS X. The code written in a swift language is compiled into native code. And automatic reference, counting is used for memory management. Swift’s object model is fully consistent with Objective-C.

The benefits of swift language:

  • This language is an open source
  • Learning Swift is easy
  • Swift is fast
  • Access to Swift is easy
  • Swift is safe
  • This language is familiar
  • Swift is the future of Apple’s development
  • Experience and testing environment
  • Swift having Job Market
  • Swift learning resources are high
9. Kotlen programming language:

Basically focuses on reducing coding size. This makes the task of the programmer and the end users of the application easier. Finally, an application is written in this language will make the most of the benefit with the least space possible. Kathleen’s language is more understandable, so it’s easier to use. Kathleen’s language, due to the simplicity of the syntax, is less complicated. It makes it easier and faster for the software developer to work. Given that the size of the code is lower, in addition, we can be said. That it reduces the probability of errors such as the null pointer exception.

10. Go Programming Language:

One of the languages. That heavily attracted many users over the course of the year is the programmer Go or Golang. Go or Golanging is a language that is provided by Google Inc. The Golang language is released as Open Source so developers can develop it. Using the Go programming language, you can implement any kind of software.

Advantages of Golang programming language:

  • Communicating and accessing more hardware
  • Increase the speed of writing and executing programs
  • Write better quality apps
  • Proximity to both human and computer languages
  • Build Android apps
  • Brief features
  • Easy, clean and efficient spelling
  • Rapid compilation in machine language

What companies use Go’s programming language:

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Dropbox
  • Sound Cloud, CloudFlare
  • Mozilla
  • Canonical
  • Bitly
  • Redhat

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