How to Be Happy (8 Steps)

Here are some lessons on how to be happy in life and how some of the people in the world are happy? happiness has become a great business, with companies. That have jobs like a happy director and self-help books that are constantly bestselling. But sometimes we feel that this industry is the happiest pursuit of us. Rather than trying to find our way to happiness. Here are some life lessons on how to be happy in life. And get lessons for happiness from the language of people who have different beliefs and have a happy life, So that they may help rejoice.

8 steps to make you how you can be happy in your life



how to be happy

If you want to be happy so please follow the steps below

1. Get away from social networks to be happy with your life

a well-known Australian character seemed to have everything he wanted. He had about a million followers on social networks. And model contracts that flowed across from him. But he publicly announced that he would leave Instagram because None of these things make him be happy in his life. In fact, though he was “at the peak”, he has never “felt unhappy” to such an extent. UCLA, Marco Lacouboni, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of California. Says it’s natural that we ask what others are because we have “neural nerves” and they are telling us to be this. If we can not match our idols, we feel frustrated and defeated.
We do not need to do the same thing as Snape and always get out of the social network only. If we can sometimes give our neurons a break in our lives and look at the Instagram less..Joy is you’re ‘expected’ result

2. sleep more short thinking plays an important role in cheerfulness.

The most reason that how to be happy in your life. Is We can relinquish our sleep. But enough sleep dramatically increases our level of happiness. In a study by Daniel Cumman and Alan B. Kruger, in the field of health and well-being, found that there was a direct relationship between the quality of sleep and happiness and overall happiness. Try to go to bed for one or two weeks at a certain time. And try to stay awake at all after that hour. Does it make a difference in your mood? If so, try to stay alive for this sleep program. Getting used to sleeping early will be your habit and a sense of happiness will come back to you. Aerial imagery depicts the difference between the lives of the poor and the rich. Self-development in life is ‘more successful’

3. Be honest to be happy

The Stoics, a group of philosophers about 2000 years ago, say that if we do not commit our sins, there is no reason to torture conscience and feel guilty. As a result, they say honesty is the key to happiness!
Liz Golan, a stoic scholar at the University of Royal Holloway, began leaning on Leo for a period of intense honesty and enthusiasm. He says that what’s needed is that everyone understands what to look for and the logic behind any mistreatment and inappropriate work.
“The only way to find a way to happiness and good luck is, to be honest, and honest with ourselves about matters that we have violated our ethics,” says Liz. “What causes us to betray, or to indulge in drinking, or to lift someone’s hand? If we understand why we can change our behavior. If we believe in stoic philosophy, this is the principle. Without honesty and joy, happiness is not possible. ”

4. Find something that inspires your passion to be happy

In a gym in East London, Leo asked the Thai boxing world champion, Roxana Biggs, what makes her happy in her life. “I know where I go and what my goal is in life … it’s all about where and how you want a person. When you find this, you can continue the journey of life, and you will know what you can do to be happy. And this journey will be full of excitement and passion. And the passion for how you can see the light neuro at the end of the path. The purpose was to make her happy. Listen to Roxana’s advice and create the “passion” in our lives, whether it’s boxing, knitwear, carpentry, and volition, to pursue the purpose of our lives.

5. Forget about yourself

Leo traveled to the Buddhist temple in Bordeaux to explore a completely different path to happiness. Is real happiness achieved by self-destruction? One of the temple’s nuns told Leo: “The art of how to be happy in life is awareness of being.” The rose is made from soil and sunlight and fertilizer, and we and all the people we encounter at any moment of life are made from the food and water we consume. We try to make ourselves a small piece of the big puzzle in the world. Does not that make you happier?

6. Accept suffering

As Leo helped the farm, he recognized the importance of accepting suffering for joy and happiness. It was Simon who had experienced a monk, “I was very angry, but this anger was gone,” he says. We often try to stifle and suppress our anger and suffering, but the Buddhists do not cover their grief and uneasiness but allow it to come and put it in its place. No Will young, do not go to the lily party! Instead of denying your suffering, for example, when you miss a situation or feel ill, try to accept it. It’s easy, but in practice, it will help you be happier. As Leo says, “bad things are in our lives … these are all the cracks that allow light to pass through them and cover us.”

7. Enjoy here and now

Another lesson that Leo learned that how to be happy from Buddhists was to love everything around us. We must strive to enjoy every step, every moment and every meal we eat and feel it deeply. Look around and watch the wonders of the world on your day-to-day journey to your workplace. Mindfulness, meditation, and meditation help us stay in the moment and enjoy ourselves here and now. It’s not bad to find a class near you and sign up for it!

8. Be a human being and devotee

Making things work for others and trying to save people and things helps to be happier. “Happiness and emotional happiness are unstable,” says Leo, “but the emotion that I get when I get help is a deep sense of satisfaction and prosperity.” Struggling for something we believe in or volunteering for local communities and goodwill give us a very good value and help us be successful and happy.

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