What is the cause of bad breath?

Oral badmouth or halitosis is a common problem among dental care clients. Most dental visits are primarily due to dental caries and then gum disease. Most people who visit orthodontics after an examination find that their mouths are bad. By following simple health tips, you can prevent problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

bad breath
Bad breath

The orthodontist will scratch the teeth before installing fixed brackets and take care of repairing caries.
First, we must know the reasons for it.

What are the solutions to bad breath?


You should drink more water around the day.
In the morning, when you wake up, the first thing you drink is water, not dry food.


Avoid over-eating excessive acidic foods without balancing with neutral and alkaline foods.
Avoid too much sugar. Or wash your mouth with water after each use of sugar.

Can stress cause oral ulcers or bad breath?

You can not relieve stress when you are not resting well.
Deprivation of sleep and rest is sufficient to create a favorable environment for oral ulcer or bad breath, along with many other things.
For example, skin problems are one of the reasons for insufficient sleep.
If you are looking for a cause, you’d better say that:

Useful and essential bacteria from insomnia disappear in your body.

When you have been working all day, the beneficial bacteria in your body need a great deal of time and space to solve problems.
This is the right time and place only in the dream.
If you do not have enough rest you cannot keep calm.

Remedies for bad breath with oral hygiene

Oral and dental care is one of the other ways to help eliminate bad breath.
You can brush your teeth twice a day using a toothbrush and a fluoride-containing toothpaste.
Also, the use of dental floss before brushing and only once a day will help you keep your oral hygiene in mind.
Finally, if you want to get rid of bad breath.
Use dandruff remedies with your dentist’s vision.
Lactic acid bacteria are bacteria that help improve your digestive system.
Of course, you know that the digestive system also includes the mouth.

Does Bad smell is different at different times of the day?

Normally, people in the morning after having woken up from sleep and in the evenings near the end of a day fasting, they feel the worst smell from their mouths.
The reason for this is that it gets less saliva in your sleep and hunger.
After eating and washing the mouth and removing excess food from the mouth, the saliva begins to secretion to disinfect the mouth.
Saliva secretion affects some bacteria and food residues in the teeth and causes the mouth to clean.
If you have done the orthodontics of the teeth, follow the hygiene notes in the orthodontic teeth.
Also, your orthodontist’s attention and mouth-rinse will disappear after eating any kind of food.

What does bad breath depend on?

The severity of oral malaise depends on several factors.

factors like:

  • Dry mouth due to high stress
  • Dehydration or fasting
  • Eating some food with a penetrating odor like garlic and onion
  • alcohol consumption
  • Tobacco use
  • An increase in the severity of oral masturbation is effective.
Is Bad Bad Mouth Curable?

Although bad breath is caused by several factors, it can be cured in most cases. In some people, bad breath can be permanent. Almost a quarter of the human population suffers from their bad breath in various degrees.

What is the cause of bad breath?

Decayed teeth or unfinished restored teeth may have a damaged dental protective gingiva if there is an empty space for food intake.
Corrosive food residues that have not been removed from the mouth can be another cause of bad breath.
Orthodontic fixed brackets, if not well cleaned, are a good place to eat and smell bad breath.
Normally, an orthodontist will give you the necessary note to regularly clean orthodontic brackets.
Also, the masses under the edges of the dense and sticky gums also play a very important role in causing gum disease and bad breath.

Orthodontic fixed brackets

These brackets, if not well cleaned, are a good place to eat and smell bad breath.
Normally, an orthodontist will give you the necessary note to regularly clean orthodontic brackets.
Also, masses under the dense and sticky gingival also play a vital role in causing gum and bad breath.

Is there any other reason other than non-observance of bad oral hygiene?

After observing oral hygiene and language, if bad breath has not yet been resolved, we will look for other reasons.
Diseases of the gum and tooth may be due to:

  • Diabetes
  • Liver failure
  • Chronic renal failure
  • The high concentration of urea
  • Sinusitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis
  • Gastric reflux and other factors.

Each of these items should be carefully examined before orthodontic treatment before installing the braces on the teeth.

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