5 Uprising Trends Of Digital Marketing

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. You can share anything with ease across borders and countries with the help of technology. Each year new technology emerges and the trend of the market changes. 

To succeed in the market it is important to use technology to benefit people and change according to trend. Innovation in technology is the key to advancement and making a good future. Technology also helps in making a good business and sustaining but if you don’t know how to use trends for your benefits you will find it difficult to adapt with them.

This article will provide you 5 technology trends that should be used by every business to grow its customer base.

Chatbots for chat

chatbot for chat

Chatbots are bombing nowadays. People want to talk and know about the product or service before buying it. The chatbots are best in serving them on time. The website that doesn’t contain chatbot has less interaction with customers and sales as compared to websites with a chatbot. Although, it is a long debate if chat can replace LiveChat. Chatbots need much advancement to replace them but if you don’t have live chat customer support you must use a chatbot for your website.

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the hottest topic of this century. Many companies are working on artificial intelligence. It is best because it helps to know a person better than himself. AI is used by a master card to give you details about your spending. You can simply ask in the app about your September spending and it will show you full details about your shopping and restaurant bills.

It also helps in security that is used by Microsoft and Uber for their security. The automatic AI car that patrols the whole parking lot. Scans number plates, report suspicious activities and cost less than a security guard. It is also used in advertising to know customer buying habits.

Video Advertising

More than ever, now people don’t want to read or write, they want things in motion. This makes video advertising and marketing very important. Youtube has played a significant role in the advancement of video advertising. As the attention span of a person is getting less and hooking them is easy on video than on image. The trend is changing to short videos.

video advertising

Live videos are also trending because people want to see others and want to interact with people. You can make a good video by adding good graphics and transcribing the video to get good results from the video.

Search through image

search through image

The most advanced trend in digital marketing is to search through the image. Google and Pinterest have introduced a new feature of visual search. In which you can click a picture and search for it. Pinterest shows all the color and relevance of the photograph that helps users to get the same results.

Google lens is also very good to provide the relevant photos and search results of the photos. It allows users to search for anything even if they don’t know about the name or use of the thing. Many other companies are also working on this trend. The market of image search is increasing rapidly as 62% of people are searching through images who use google photos. More than 600 million visual searches are done on Pinterest by it.

Social media status

social media status

The trend of social media status is very popular and trending. It is used by many companies to promote their brand and products. It all started from Snapchat than Instagram then Facebook and medium then WhatsApp. These all social media platforms use social media status and it became popular in all of them.

It should be used by businesses because they are very good for increasing brand awareness and getting more engagement from followers. It is very cost-effective and you can spend less on them but it can increase traffic tremendously. They are also better because they have a lot more open rate than email marketing and people spend almost 7 hours per day just to check the social media stories. Massage promoted by them has 3 times more response rate than any other medium.


These are the best digital marketing trends of 2020 that are used by many companies to grow their business. You can also use them for your business or you can apply them on your website to increase your engagement and traffic. It is very good to use winning strategies in business instead of trial and error methods.

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