Top 5 Tools To Spy On Your Competitor’s SEO

If you want to find good keywords, topics, and backlinks. You can spy on your competitor’s website to know all these things. You can increase your website traffic and authority by choosing good keywords and backlinks.

But it is hard to find all these things that are relevant to your niche. Finding becomes easy when you have tools that give insight to your competitor’s websites. This article will provide you 5 tools that you can use to spy on your competitor’s websites.


ubbersuggest tool to spy

If you want to find keywords of your competitor’s website and in which country they are ranking. You can use Ubersuggest. You can also check the keyword difficulty, number of backlinks, and domain authority required to rank for that keyword.

You can check also the backlinks of the competitor’s websites. You can email those websites with better articles to get backlinks from those websites. You can also check for commenting on websites and forums that are good traffic sources to get good traffic for your website. This website is free to use, for a certain extend. You can get full access to the website by buying their services.

Google alerts

google alerts

Google alert is a free tool for monitoring the search queries of any keyword. You can also use this tool to know about your competitors and people who are writing about your chosen keyword. You can set the setting of google alert to get email alerts for that search term.

This will help you to know about the links and mention of a competitor’s keyword and you can also use it for your advantage. You can also use this website to know new articles about your niche that you can use to make a better version of the content. You can monitor their social links and you can use this tool of google free.



SpyFu is a very good tool to know about your competitor’s AdWords strategy. It is used to know about your competitor’s keywords on which they are running ads on google. Keywords are very important in google ads. A high competition keyword can cost a lot of money and very few results.

SpyFu helps to know about the keywords that are less competitive and cost less for PPC campaigns. This helps websites to increase their conversion rate and get more traffic. This tool also helps to know about their text and special offers they give to get people on their website. You can also use their techniques to increase your website traffic. This website is also free to some extent but to know all the keywords and ads you have to buy the package of the website.

Similar web

Similar web

A similar web is a website to know about website traffic. It also tells which country is most visiting the website and how the website is getting traffic i.e social media, direct, organic, or ads. This helps to know about the traffic strategy of competitors and major countries for traffic sources.

This website also helps to know about the bounce rate and average time spent on the website. It is very important for the website because the more time people spend on the website the more easy website rank on google. It helps to know whether the competitor’s website is engaging or not. If it’s not engaging the average time spent on the website will be less and you can make the website more engaging and attractive.

Pro Rank Tracker

Pro rank tracker

This website is amazing if you want to check your rank on Google or your competitors rank on Google. You can easily make an account on this website. This website is both free and paid you can choose according to your need. This website can save you time if you don’t have many hours to know about your rank in Google or your competitors rank. 

This website is for you. You can search for all the keywords to know if your competitor’s website ranks on them. You can then paste the keywords in the keyword box and run it on your competitor’s website. The website will provide a full analysis for which keyword the website is ranked on 1 page and for which keyword they are on the 5 pages. 

It can help website owners to use keywords that are less competitive and are not relevantly used by a rival in your website to rank for it.


These websites are very important to know about your competitor’s strategy and they will help you to beat your competitors.

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