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Best Free Android Games for the First week of May 2019 With the start of the First week of May. The best ever best free android games and free iPhone games of the week. We’ve come to the five best-selling games in Zoomji, according to the routine. This week. We introduced the Android and iPhone 9 PM Football Managers, which takes you to the management of a football club. We also featured the Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad, which is a two-dimensional shooter that reminds you of old arctic games. Follow us to know about the best free android games of 2019 for iPhone and Android.

9 PM Football Managers best free android game

Let’s start the best free android games at the top of the week with a football club management game. 9 PM Football Managers. It is a work in the sports style developed by the UNCOSOFT studio. The process of the game is that every night at 9 o’clock. Players have to play a game and get the result of their stomach strike.

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The game begins in 1986, where your club is established. And then it is your job to manage with great success and make your club a professional club. Issues like a training ground, club academies, and even nutritionists play an important role in your progress. And they can make you win in your nightly games. The game also has an online section that allows players to compete in a warm and friendly atmosphere. 9 PM Football Managers free android game has been released for free on the Play Store and App Store. And you can now experience it.


Spellsword Cards: Demonstration best free game

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The next best free android games, introduced this week, is a Spellsword Cards and Demontide fighting game. That The One Up Plus Pty Ltd studio has been tasked with. In the game, there are over 500 cards in 7 different classes. And players must use more than 40 powerful enemies to defeat them. Each encounter in this game brings you one step closer to solving the mysteries and mysteries of your heritage. With every fight, you can get more. Respect and trust in the state as well as other empires and improve your position. If you’re a gamer-friendly gamer. You can download and test Spellsword Cards: Demontide from the Play Store and App Store for free.

Whispers of a Machine best free android games

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The next best free android games called Whispers of a Machine is a lightweight, point-and-click style effect. This sci-fi game was first released by Raw Fury on the platform. And now it has come to the mobile platform after receiving positive feedback from users. The game’s story revolves around a specialist, Behnam Vera. Who enters the city in currents and must unravel the mystery of several mysterious assassinations. The game has been filled with various puzzles and has opened up handcuffs for the nature of crime exploration. Whispers of a Machine has a controversial story and can take hours for you. Game dialogues with more than 4,000 lines of conversation are very diverse. And players can use the same dialogues to solve game puzzles. If you are interested in puzzle games, we suggest you do not miss the whispers of a machine.

Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad- free android game

The Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad free android game. It is the best free android games made by the MY COM gaming studio. Aliens have landed in the game’s story, and a captain of Jeff’s space ship has come up against them. In this game, you can choose your hero, guns, and even your favorite cruise ship and upgrade them. The gameplay is running and shooting and reminds you of old arctic games. Also, the story of the game is very attractive and can entertain you. The Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad also has a competitive mode that gives players 10 levels. And allows players to compete with each other. This game is now available for download from the App Store.

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