Initial review of the Samsung Galaxy A40

Following on Samsung’s review of the Galaxy A series handset, last month in Holland, the Korean manufacturer officially unveiled a new smartphone called the Galaxy A40. This handset is a member of the Galaxy A family and actually falls into the middle of this spectrum. Let’s look at this handset from different angles:


  • Time of supply and pricing

Samsung Galaxy A40 pricing and timing information is not yet announced, but it will probably be available on May 15th with the pricing of  19500 rupees in India.

  • Design and display

The Galaxy A40 is the slimmest and smallest handset of the new Samsung Galaxy A series, allowing the handset to be handled as easily as possible. Thanks to the 144.3-by-69-by-7.9mm Galaxy A40, users can use their handset for one hour and without the slightest difficulty. The dimensions of this product are very similar to the Galaxy S10e flagship. The Galaxy A40 has a sleek, relatively beautiful design and Samsung has used it in combination with glass and plastic. This handset comes in three colorful models, including blue, pink and white.


The fingerprint scanner is easily accessible in the center of the back panel of the device, and the power button along with the keys to adjust the volume level to the right of the body of the phone. The 3.5mm audio jack of the headphones, a USB-C port, and a single speaker make up the other specs of the Galaxy A40.

The handset features a 5.9-inch Infinity-U Super AMOLED display featuring Full HD (1080 x 2340 pixels) resolution, which provides colorful visuals for consumers. The brightness of the display is sufficient for the roof space, but it will probably not be sufficient in non-obsolete environments. Samsung is likely to have some limitations on the brightness level of the display due to its limited battery capacity and increased battery life. The small-embedded Nacht hinges on the center of the upper part of the camera from the camera’s selfie camera.


  • Camera, battery and specifications

The Galaxy A40 comes with a dual rear camera configuration. The module uses a 16-megapixel main sensor with f / 1.7 aperture and a 5-megapixel depth detection sensor with f / 2.2 aperture to create matte backgrounds and attractive portraiture images. In addition, the front-facing camera will have a 25-megapixel resolution and f / 2.0 shutter speed for recording selfies. This sensor is similar to the one in the Galaxy A50 smartphone and should create high-quality selfie pictures. Working with the camera app is easy and the quality of the recorded images is relatively satisfactory. However, the camera does not offer great features for the user.


The Galaxy A40 comes with an 8 GHz Exynos 7885 chip with 1.8 GHz frequency, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. Users can upgrade their storage space by up to 512 GB thanks to the existence of a microSD card slot. The user interface has a perfect function and applications run smoothly.

The power of the handset comes with a 3100mAh battery with a high-power rechargeable battery of 15 watts. Such capacity seems reasonable considering the size of the handset; however, the battery capacity is significantly lower compared to other Galaxy A phones this year. Users are likely to be charged more than once every day. The Galaxy A40 comes with Android One Piece and the One UI User Interface. This interface is designed to facilitate the user’s handset with one hand and the interactive control buttons are located in the bottom half of the display. The Galaxy A40, thanks to the use of this interface, will support nightly mode and new color palettes for the app icon. All of these create a delightful visual appeal.

  • Conclusion

The Galaxy A40 is an affordable smartphone with a sleek and compact design, a high-definition display, a headphone jack, and a dual-camera system, attracting many users with budget constraints. In contrast to the low-end build quality, the average performance of the camera is considered to be the downside of this product. The handset will fit between the Galaxy A50 and the Galaxy A30, and users will be able to buy more advanced devices such as the Galaxy A50 or the Galaxy A70, at a fraction of their cost.


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