5G Technology

5G internet

The world is racing to develop its infrastructure in preparation for the fifth-generation networks known as the 5G technology. Which are expected to begin to spread widely this year, offering many unprecedented features and capabilities? This 5G technology is the next generation of mobile communications standards and is fast and high coverage of wireless networks. The new speed of this network reaches 4.5 Gbps, while the maximum efficiency of 4G networks is about 600 Mbps.

This revolutionary network also reduces response time. When a link is clicked on the Internet or videos are played, Up to 1 millisecond. Which is the time it takes to send the request to the network? and respond to it and switch to the desired location or location, CNET Tech reported. The network uses a high-frequency spectrum with a shorter range but with greater capacity to transmit large data over the Internet and of high quality.

5G technology

5G Technology Network advantages

5G technology is designing to connect a much larger number of devices than traditional cellular networks. So it allows the application of the Internet concept easily. If any device or device at home. The street or work will be connected to the Internet. This will make it easier to support this technology for applications such as smart cities, work and play in cloud computing, telemedicine, virtual reality, industrial automation, and auto-driving. New generation networks also adopt technologies that reduce a load on devices, providing a solution to problems that drain power when the point of contact is far from the user’s device.
With these networks, applications that run at the same time. And need to be connected to the Internet. The same speed of the Internet for strong use without the impact of a certain service negatively on the speed of loading content or video broadcast. Or other activity at the same time on the device.

Is 5G Technology Need New phones?

One of the most important questions in the mind of many users. Will they have to switch their phones to the new 5G technology network-compatible? Unfortunately, the answers are yes, because fifth-generation technology requires antennas and signal receivers not available in existing devices. Indeed, many companies have launched new phones that support such networks as Samsung, Huawei, and Shawomi.

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