iphone data recovery

The black screen, or the death page, and data recovery of iPhone is one of the problems that iOS users are facing so that no user can access their iPhone and iOS devices and nothing on the phone. It will not show up and when you call, the phone will ring, but you will not be able to answer.

This problem can have many reasons, and usually comes after the iOS system, especially iOS 12, is updated, and one of the reasons is to damage the device due to the screen replacement or device crash and damage to the screen, and in some cases Because of the software problem.

iPhone data recovery with iMyFone Fixppo

 iphone data recovery

Well, without any complicated steps or going to the mobile OS, you can recover your iPhone data and fix the problem by yourself and even find other problems with iOS with just one software called iMyFone Fixppo, which we’ll cover in this article.

What is iMyFone Fixppo?

The iMyFone Fixppo is, in fact, a program that is very simple to work with and iOS users can use it to solve the black screen problem and die page. Or users can do  iPhone data recovery in addition to processing many other operating system problems, which are below some The effectiveness of this program is mentioned;

  • The main tool for solving the ios mobile phone death issue
  • Fix the white screen of iOS devices
  • Provides a solution to display the Apple logo without turning on the phone
  • The solution to stop the device in recovery mode
  • Auto reset solution
  • Back to the old version of iOS without needing jailbreaks
  • And solutions to other problems
  • iPhone data recovery

How to fix iMyFone Fixppo BlackBerry Problem?

Before explaining the steps, I have to say there are two ways to solve this problem: one without loss of information on the phone, and one by recovery, which naturally will be lost. The best alternative to iTunes is because it comes with a special technology that can fix problems that is not possible in iTunes. In addition, it can store data on the phone, albeit old, with a simple interface for work. It solves problems in a matter of minutes and is also compatible with all versions of iOS.

Fix the black and white iPhone IOS issue with the IMyFone Fixppo software

Select Standard Mode

Fix the black and white iPhone IOS issue with the IMyFone Fixppo software

Open the iMyFone Fixppo app and select Standard Mode from the Home screen. Then connect the iPhone to the computer with the USB cable and then click on the next key. Once the reviews are completed, you can go to the next step, if not, follow the tutorials that appear on the screen and place the device in DFU mode or recovery mode.

Fix the black and white iPhone IOS issue with the IMyFone Fixppo software

Download firmware

Now the app is scanning your iPhone phone and showing all firmware that works. With the iOS system for the iPhone device, select the version you want. Click the download button to download the program, just wait for the firmware download.

 iphone data recovery

iPhone repair

Download the firmware that was done on the start button to start the iPhone repair process. The repair process will not last long, after which the device will be back up and return to normal.

Before You Go:

This article was about iPhone data recovery. And solve other problems on your iPhone. Also, these articles and others like it were created to help you. It would be nice if we had your feedback to see how well or how bad we did with this tutorial. So go ahead and share in the comments.


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