effective way to ask for review

Nowadays for your online business more online reviews means more credibility to your company. But here the question is how can you get more online reviews for your service or your product. One of the important ways to get reviews from your buyers is to ask for a review from your customer right after the purchase of the service or product. Asking for reviews can increase the chances of receiving a review from your buyer. The main idea to ask for reviews at that time is to strike while the iron is still hot. 

Here are some effective ways that can help you ask your buyer for a positive and encouraging review. 

  1. Email 

No doubt asking for a review from your buyer can be a bit difficult, therefore having consistency in your company can make it easier. If several employees are asking for a review with the same template of email keep this process simple and professional. Moreover, having effective communication with your clients can help you get more reviews without much effort. You can create review request emails that will protect you from negative reviews and also help you get positive reviews for your business or product. 

  1. Feedback survey

The feedback survey is another way to encourage your customers for product or service review. There are various feedback survey websites that can help you get reviews. Some of them are paid while others are free. You can send the link to these surveys to your customer through email. Some of the best survey sites are given below. 

  • SurveyMonkey – It is a paid option but it’s globally trusted to do the best surveys.
  • Google Forms –  It is a free option that would really help you to get the best reviews. 
  • Broadly – It is a Paid option, it is an online review software to survey your buyers.
  1. Yelp review
yelp review

Yelp is also one of the best options to get a review from your customer. Yelp can be used for asking product or service reviews. Restaurants, lawyers, consultants, contractors, etc can ask for reviews from their customers through yelp. Yelp policy of review service plainly says that:  “Don’t ask customers, mailing list subscribers, family, or anyone else to review your business.” you can provide a yelp profile page link to your customers in order to ask them for review. 

  1. Google review
google review

If you have a google business page and you are seeking to review your service or product higher on google. Then google reviews are one the effective ways to do so. More review via google review means to have more visibility and top rank on Google when people are searching for services or products that you provide. 

  1. Facebook review

If you are searching for any social media reviews then Facebook is no doubt an effective way to ask your buyers for reviews about your product or service. Facebook reviews are also helpful when you want any other social review. You can share your Facebook review page with your customers via email to get more positive reviews. 

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