How to become popular in Instagram World?

how to become popular in instagram world

Instagram has 1.25 billion users all over the world. It has expanded faster than Facebook and It can be said that it will by-pass Facebook. Instagram is also a great earning platform and it has given opportunities to people to make money by posting their skill or telling about their travel stories.

People are now spending more time on Instagram. They prefer Instagram for image search instead of Google image search because of its simplicity and popularity. But the question is how you can become famous in the Instagram world? This article will help you find an answer to it. 

Getting famous on Instagram is not an overnight trick and you have to work hard to become successful on Instagram but as Henery Ford said:

If you think you can do it. You will find any way to do it but if you think you can’t do it. Because of your thinking, you won’t be able to do it.

Make original and authentic content 

make original and authentic content

You must make original content that will help your audience or arouse curiosity or excitement in them. You may find it difficult to come up with a new idea every time but you don’t have to do it every time. Most content in the world is the same but with better ideas and new methods. 

You have to do the same to provide content with more methods and ideas. You can make sure to provide content that is relevant to your niche. 

Know your audience


Knowing your audience is the most important step in becoming popular in the Instagram world. Knowing their needs and desire help you to make content around it and make them your loyal followers.

You can answer their questions, appreciate people who share their stores, and post about your followers that can motivate your audience. This will engage people with you and you will see a boost in your followers. Treating all your followers as your first follower will make you very likable and attractive.

Work with microbrands or local brands

work with micro  brands and local brands

If you are targeting your local or native audience. It can really boost your popularity. You can work with micro or local brands in your area and they can pay you for advertising their brand and promoting it.

It is a win-win strategy. The people who know that brand will also follow you and people who know you will also know about that brand. This wil get you more followers. Be aware to not over advertise that can also hurt your Instagram account and you can lose your following.

Have persistence and perseverance

have persistence

Having persistence and perseverance is very important for becoming successful on Instagram. You may have to face haters or nobody knows you at your start of the journey. If you will stay persistent on Instagram providing quality content. You will surely get a reward. 

Also, you can make it a habit to see if something is not working. What other methods or style of posting you can use that will work. Trying and testing will make you more successful on Instagram.

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