18 blogs for freelancers

Freelancers know the importance of learning new things and if they miss things that are for their industry. It can really damage their work and future. There are many blogs that provide unique original content for their readers to make them feel happy and give them new ideas. 

This article will provide you 18 blogs that can really boost your freelancing and give your new techniques and ways to influence buyers

1. Freelance Folder

Freelancer folder is best for freelancers and remote workers. They provide information about succeeding through the quality of work and work from home. You will find it very useful if you want to grow your client list or want to build a powerful portfolio for yourself.

2. Quick Sprout

Quick sprout is the best website if you want to learn about marketing and freelancing. This website will help you learn how to set up a business and run it from home. You can learn new trends and insights from this website. You can learn to increase your conversion rate and understand human psychology.

3. Work Awesome

This blog is about technology and investment. If you are a tech writer or developer this blog is for you. You can learn some amazing things that can influence the market and the role of technology that can influence the world and our life.

4. Leaving Work Behind

If you want to achieve your dreams you should view this blog. This blog helps people to take the right necessary actions to achieve their dreams. If you dream to quit your job and work for yourself and travel around the world. You should definitely check this blog.

5. The No Pants Project

If you are new in freelancing and starting your career. You should take help from this blog to boost your freelancing journey. The founder of this blog always says you should work with clients you like to work with. This blog will help you get the clients you like and work from home.

6. Freelancers Union

It is an exciting blog for freelancers and you can learn many topics from this website ranging from gig creation to client retention to saving taxes and staying healthy. This blog also shares stories of freelancers who start from scratch and make a good business to support their life.

7. The Freelancer by Contently

This blog is especially for content writers. If you want to know how to negotiate with clients and how to price high. This blog is for you. You can learn how to work from anywhere in the world while traveling and enjoying your life. You will also learn financial planning and creating a sustainable lifestyle.

8. Millo

Milo is an awesome blog for freelancers and entrepreneurs. This blog will help you to know about your client’s demands and how you can fulfill them. You will also learn how you can find your clients from social media and cold emails. It is also a lifestyle blog and you will learn how to travel around the world and work without worry. How you can delegate your work and live stress-free.

9. Upwork Blog

The Upwork blog is mainly about the Upwork platform. You will learn many things about Upwork on it. You can learn how to get a badge from Upwork and how to become a top-rated freelancer. You will also learn how you can pitch clients and you will also get templates to pitch your client. You can learn to use their analytics and their app.

10. FreeUp Blog

Whether you are a freeUp blog reader or not you will always find great content about freelancing regarding any niche. You learn some cool business strategies and tips that you can apply to your freelancing methods to increase your income. With this blog, you will stay updated about the new trend and what’s working in your niche.

11. Smart Passive Income

It is a Pat Flynn blog about passive income and how you can just set up a system. He is a freelancer and solo-preneur who shares his journey of earning money and automating the income.

12. Double Your Freelancing

Double your freelancing is the blog for freelancing that helps you find more clients and double your income while spending the same time on it. You can learn how you can increase your profit and spend less time.

13. Fizzle

Fizzle is the blog that will help you get big clients from freelancing. This blog helps freelancers to increase their creativity and earn well. This blog will help you to work on your passion and make money from it. This blog discusses the mindset and lifestyle that is necessary for becoming successful. 

14. Work Made for Hire

This blog will provide you case studies and in-depth knowledge of people who are running a successful freelancing career and how you can do the same. It also contains some great business tips that can help people to start a business.

15. Blogtrepreneur

This is a blog about how to become entrepreneurs and live an entrepreneurial life. You can learn some cool techniques and strategies to run a business and live without working the whole day.

16. Help Scout

Help Scout will help you become more clear about your customer. This blog covers topics like who you can make a long term client. Acquiring a new client is more difficult than maintaining a previous client. This blog will help you in meeting all your client needs and working with them long term.

17. Pro-Blogger

This blog will help you learn new skills and marketing them to get clients. This blog is a great example of a specially-abled man who became successful after going through a worse accident losing his hands and legs and still managed to help a lot of people become successful.

18. Fab Freelance Writing

If you are a writer then, this blog is for you and you will learn some great insights about writing fiction and non-fiction. You will also learn how to engage people and grab their attention for your writing. You will surely love this blog

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