How to rank your content in google

Ranking content in google is now getting difficult because of competition and google’s new policy but it is possible you can rank in Google by following the correct method for ranking. Many people rank on google and you can rank your website too.

There are two on-page and off-page strategies you can follow to rank in google. This article will be in two portions covering both on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

how to rank your product on google

On-page SEO

On-page SEO includes working on the content of your post and making it google friendly.

Title and Meta description

You can add your primary keyword in your title and meta description. The title that is attractive will grab the reader’s attention and they will click on it. The primary keyword in title and description helps to know about the post you are trying to rank. You can also add secondary keywords in your meta description.

Internal linking

You can also increase your website traffic by internal linking the website that helps in traffic flow from one page of the website to another page of the website. By internal linking, your article gets a backlink from your website and it also helps that post rank high in google. 

Outbound linking

Outbound links are very good for your content. Google doesn’t like websites that only link to their content. Outbound links helps to send traffic to other websites. It is a great way to give backlinks and you can also get backlinks from them.

It is very good for the website because it also increases the domain authority of the website and the content seems genuine and authentic. It is also important to get backlinks from the relevant website. Backlink taken from the irreverent website can hurt your website and ranking in google.

Post long and deep content

Posting long content is very important for the post to rank high. You can understand it with an example. If there are two websites, one contains short content and other long content that covers all the topics. Which website you will choose for your readers. Long content seems the right choice.

Google also chooses long content and as google says content is the king. Hence, it becomes more important to make long content for the post.

Put primary keywords in the URL

Placing primary keywords in the URL is very important for the post to be ranked by google. Google algorithm not only crawls all your posts but it also reads your URL and how well it is matched with your post.

ALT text of image

The ALT text of the image is very important for the image. You can rank your image in google image by proving the right ALT text. Google can’t recognize images but google uses ALT text to understand images and rank it in google image search. 

You can add primary keywords in ALT text that help you to rank for your primary keyword and providing images also increases your chances of ranking in google because the image is easy to understand.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO deals with the other elements that help to rank any article on google.

Fast website

Make sure your website loads fast. Slow websites sometimes seem very annoying and they can hurt your ranking in google. Slow websites are not preferred by Google because they are good for their users and google makes sure their use gets the best experience after checking any website Hence, they drop the rank of website that is not fast.

You can increase your website speed by reducing the size of photos and removing unnecessary coding. You can also use SEO friendly themes that can help the website rank better in google.

Mobile-friendly website

multiple friendly websites

Mobile-friendly websites are very important for ranking in google. Have you ever wondered why Google prefers mobile-friendly devices because most searches now happen through mobile devices and if your website is not mobile-friendly Google won’t rank it.

It may rank in PC searches but it won’t rank in mobile devices that hurt overall ranking of websites and it loses its rank in PC searches as well. You can make sure all the text is clear in mobile devices and nothing overlaps in the mobile view. It will provide good user-experience to the audience and they will spend more time on your website.

Have HTTPS security certificate for your website

trusted SSL certificates

Having an HTTPS security certificate for your website is very important for your users as well as for Google. People are very suspicious about websites that are insecure and google doesn’t rank them as they can steal some data of the user.

Security certificates make sure that the data of the user is not shared to any third party and this ensures the user they are safe on the website.



The importance of backlinks can’t be ignored in terms of ranking. If you are not making backlinks for your website you can’t rank in google. The backlink is like a vote for your website that is given by other websites to increase the authority and trust factor of the website.

The backlink taken from a high DA website really helps the website to rank high in Google and it also increases the domain authority of the website. Google claims that domain authority doesn’t affect the ranking of google but it proved that websites with good domain authority tend to rank higher in google. Great backlinks really increase the domain authority of a website.

Promote on social media 

promote on social media

Promoting on social media is very important for a website to maintain it’s ranking and get more audience for the website. If more people are coming to your website through social media google will consider a likable factor and will rank you in google.

Promoting on social media not only increases your ranking but it will also help you get more audience. Organic searches may not give you much traffic but social media platforms can provide you traffic boost that will help you rank your website for certain keywords.

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