Attract people with engaging title and headlines for blog and gig

attract people with engaging title

Headlines are the first thing the reader sees. It is also the difference between success and failure. It’s the first impression of your article. No matter how great your product is or how persuasive your body copy is It won’t sell if the headline is not attractive.

Generate Self Interest

Headlines get attention by appealing to the reader’s self-interest. The best and most easy method for getting viral and I use it a lot in my writings. When you write, try to look for customer burning problems or interests and present in a good manner.       


1.      For Deep-Clean, Oil-Free Skin, _________ Is Required

2.      Habits You Need To Become A Millionaire.

3.      Free New Report on 67 Emerging Growth Stocks             

Other powerful attention-getting words include how-to, why, sale, quick, easy, bargain, last chance, guarantee, results, proven, and save.

How-to Headlines

The how-to headline is pure magic and more books are written with this title than any other. The how-to headline promises solid information, sound advice and a solution to a problem. Whenever you get yourself stuck in writing headlines. Just write a How-to headline.


How to Win Friends and Influence People.

How to Quit Smoking in 30 Days

How to Invest In Stocks as Beginner

Command headline

Command headlines generate sales by telling your prospects what to do. They are for commanding people subconsciously. It is the most simple, yet most powerful persuasion technique.


“Try Burning This Coupon”

“Aim High. Reach for New Horizons.”

A strong action verb in a sentence is very good to get the reader in action.

Use number in your headlines

It’s human psychology whenever you see a number your mind notices. If you are reading a paragraph and suddenly your eyes move to a number it’s not because you are reading attentively it’s because numbers attract the mind. Headlines with numbers have a more open rate than headlines without numbers in news websites.


7 Ways To Lose Weight In A Month

10 Things Are Harmful In Your Computer

5 Apps That Can Save You Money

These headlines are classic examples of writing headlines that have numbers and can people will notice it while reading the various headlines. It is also seen that articles on google with numbers in their headlines have a high open-rate because more people are curious about it.


Facts are good for headlines because people are familiar with it and if you question the fact it arouses the attention of people. You can either challenge the fact or complete it. 


Is It True Early To Bed Early To Rise …?

One Side Of The Moon Always Stays In Dark Why?

Facts are a good way to engage people because they want to open things they know or want to know. If you know about Titanic you will open an article about it but if you don’t know your mind won’t notice it.

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