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How to read the book better and faster to understand the words? Most people believe that nailing is a difficult skill. But the truth is that with the right set of exercises you can gain this skill.

Asked, “Do you wish to finish your books fast and easy?”, Faraday wrote, “Most people believe that reading fast is a difficult skill. But the truth is that with the right set of exercises you can gain this skill. The most important thing is not to slow down your reading speed, so you can get useful information at a faster rate.

There are two important tools in reading how to read faster and better: eyes and minds. Your eyes see words and your brain processes sentences. You should pay attention to the functions of the eyes while studying. The eyes move from right to left which is very simple. But most people do not know that they can get their eyes used to move faster.

How to read faster
How To Read Faster

This is the toughest and weirdest habit you have to get rid of. Most of us repeat the sound of words in our minds when reading. We don’t say the words out loud, but our minds speak the words. Words take time but do not need words to read. It is enough to attract them. Unfortunately, this habit is so deeply embedded in our subconscious that it seems impossible to get rid of it. One trick is to look at each word of this text for a moment in complete silence. Slowly a new habit begins to form. All you need to focus on is following the words without wanting to hear their voices in your mind. After a few hundred words of practice, you feel the biggest obstacle between you and the fast-paced fade away.

  • Set your current level to read faster

One of the important factors is the ability to recognize your progress in speed. Before you can measure your progress, you need a baseline to periodically compare your reading speed with it. You can use for your evaluation, but when a program says how many words you read per minute, it can be a little difficult to match the baseline. You should know how long it takes to read a page. Reading a page for ordinary people can take anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes, but a professional reader only needs 1 or 2 minutes.

  • Use a marker or a finger to read faster 

Gesture use is only for children, but it is also useful for adults. Its main purpose is to read at a uniform speed. You should not stop or slow down your finger. It should go from bottom to bottom in a smooth process.

  • Focus on control to read faster

When reading, you will find that some parts of the book are very easy to read and some specific sections are so useful that they cannot be passed quickly. This is quite natural. You just need mental control to get through the easy to the hard parts and keep up the speed.

  • Get your eyes on the least amount of movement to read faster

One of the simplest steps is to figure out how fast your eyes are moving. In ordinary people, the eyes do not move smoothly in a straight line, and they constantly need to turn back. If you keep an eye on the movement of your eyes, you will notice where you go back and when you pause the words. Crossing this hurdle will save you a lot of time reading a book. You can use these eye-training videos to read.

  • Skip the trivial words to read faster

To gain fluency, you must understand that not all words are equal. There are so many vague little words that won’t help you and the effort to read them is futile. Crossing words like “and”, “to”, “from” … decreases thirty seconds from each page and you have an hour and a half to add to the new book at the end of the book. Over time, it teaches you to automatically pass these words on.

  • Get help from software to read faster

The best tools for practicing fast-paced applications are the ones that make learning easy. The variety of these programs is great.

  • Practice overview and surface reading to read faster

By this point, you know the basic skills for reading. But knowing it alone is of no use. You need to practice this skill. Getting to the desired point of time takes time, so it’s best to relax and enjoy your gradual progress.

  • Keep practicing and record your time to read faster

If you reach this point, then you have everything you need. At this point, you should keep a record of the time you fast reading a page and keep practicing the techniques above.

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This article was about How to read the book better and faster to understand the words. Also, this article and others like it were created to help you, it would be nice if we had your feedback to see how well or how bad we did with this tutorial. So go ahead and share in the comments.

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