Inbound and Outbound Digital Marketing

These days many online shops are successful using Inbound and Outbound Digital Marketing. Every newbie entrepreneur needs two basic types of digital marketing. Through digital marketing they can have more visitors and if they offer goods at the best price they can convert them into customers.

In every business, customers are very important, because they pay for their rent, time, goods, employees and so more. That’s why every person in online shops are trying to attract visitors. Sometimes it is so easy to sell products that they don’t have any competitors but what happens when I want to sell a product that has many selling-competitors? MAN (MyAdviseNow) will give you a simple example for understanding it better.

In this case, we just give you two simple examples:

First we search for: BUY A TV

keyword buy a tv
check for competitors for keyword buy a tv

Then we search for: BUY A RADIO

keyword buy a radio
is selling a radio easy on the internet

When we search to buy a TV, we get six and a half billion results while the results for the Radio is 2.1 billion. Do you think selling a Radio on the internet is easier or selling a TV? Obviously selling a Radio is 3 times easier than selling a TV on the internet. (Here we just focus on numbers of competitors (results which are shown by google not real Sellers), not on facts like Society’s demand, or types of TVs and radios. Because nowadays common demand for a TV is more than a Radio so that people are willing to sell a TV instead of a Radio.)

Let’s come back to our topic,

What are the two major types of digital marketing?

Inbound: it is sort of attracting the customers. You work on the quality of your product and site, people who are interested in your business will search for your site and then they come to you. You don’t go after them but you will make it easier for them to find you. You attract them.

Outbound: in the outbound method, you go after customers because they can’t find you or they don’t you. You introduce yourself to them, you convince them for using your service or products.

Inbound and Outbound Digital Marketing, Which one is better for converting visitors to customers?

Inbound: it builds great trust. They found you by their choice, they are free to stay at your page or they can leave your page. We don’t ask them anything.

Outbound: when I am talking about inbound most of you think lets forget about outbound but you shouldn’t. I want you to know outbound has a specialized place.

Use Inbound and Outbound Digital Marketing for exact times

For example, it is December and the new year is coming. Products like wine, chocolates, and decoration things are on peak time and people are buying them more than any other time. Your competitors are also selling and you can’t sell more than them because your shop is not that much branded or well-known. At these times, you should go for native or local advertising. (we will talk about this method in the future, how to make ads, who is our community, men or women, elders or youngers and…)

It is so important to know that if you can attract them twice or more and make them use your service (if your service is not bad) they will stay and hardly they leave or replace you. I used to use a Hosting which I thought it is the best but it wasn’t. That’s why domain registering companies or Webhosting sites suggest undeniable offers for registering domains or Webhosting at a low price for a first-year. Sometimes these offers are even not profitable for them! They believe you won’t leave them so easily and they can recover the costs in a second or third year!

Till here We learned about inbound and outbound digital marketing. Our important aim of doing these methods are selling more. Yes, I know, sometimes our targeted users don’t check their mobile or laptops every time and we can’t target them through online advertising. At these times you can go after offline ways like making a video and ask TV-Channels to broadcast it.

Maybe you say the targeted community is bigger on TV. Tv has different types of viewers. Like babies, women, men, and… what if your product is specialized for women? Do you think is it a wise action?  I don’t discuss on costs of broadcasting on a TV channel. It is wiser to make a video, and using a little bit of SEO on the title, and share the video on YouTube. It is free and you will target some interested community on your product. It is not big in number, but the quality is always over than quantity!

After all, what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In digital marketing, SEO has a special place. It is just because of people on the internet search for products on search engines like Google. We mostly work with and talk about Google because it is well-known and the biggest search engine and more than 90 percent of your users are coming from Google. You must have it in your mind that: doing just SEO can’t result in selling more. You must do many things besides SEO like CRO, Email Marketing, content marketing, and link generation to have a satisfying result.

You should remember that: your user will not buy the first time. The possibility of converting a user to a customer for the first time is less than 1 percent! We teach you how to use them together and how to sell more! Just stay with MAN (MyAdviseNow).

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