27 Actionable Ways to Make Money as a Teen in 2023

How to Make Money as a Teen in 2023:
In the current situation, finding a job for teenagers has become a big concern, especially finding a job for teenage girls who wish to establish themselves. So, making money is the first thing to meet the demands of this age.
However, earning through sales cooperation is possible for teenagers, and it can be the best home business for teenagers.
Do you know about side hustles for teenagers and how much they earn? There are many high-paying jobs for teenagers. Many people consider adolescence age, as one of the most influential years for living and finding the overall direction of life.
Because teenagers can perform better in any field due to their energy and passion for learning, and gaining experience and knowledge at this age will increase their abilities in adolescence.
Earning money at home is a must for students, and there are many job ideas for teenagers, But we have selected some of the best activities for teenagers so that your cloud has the best choice.
With the advancement of technology and people’s access to electronic devices, it has become easy to make money as a teen at home. As an accessible device, a mobile phone is one of the best ways you could start.
In this article, we are going to guide you thoroughly about the definitive to make money as a teen in 2023.
Let’s begin!
20 Actionable Ways Make Money as a Teen in 2023 | MyAdviseNow
Make Money as a Teenage in 2023

Jobs for Teenage Girls

What is the best home business for teenage girls? What are the characteristics of the best job for people under 18?
Finding a job for teenage girls may seem a little more difficult than for teenage boys. But this is not applicable in most countries, and there are many online home jobs for teenage girls.
Since most jobs are online, it doesn’t matter whether you are a girl or a boy, you can earn good money anyway. The only thing you need is to acquire the necessary skills and implement them in your work.
So, making money at home is quite possible for students. For example, a side hustle idea for teenage girls is handmade products. In the following, we have listed 8 suitable jobs for teenage girls and at the end of this article, we have explained each item.
Let’s get to know some home jobs for teenage girls:
  • Homemade Food
  • Jewelry Designing
  • Doll Making
  • Sculpture
  • Envelopes and Gift Boxes
  • Painting
  • Candle
  • Making Soap

Summer Jobs for Teenage Students in 2023

There are some jobs regardless of gender. We have provided a series of tasks for you below, and you will read the description of each one in the following article:
  • Search Engine Optimization- SEO
  • Podcast
  • Audio Book
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Moderator
  • Web Design
  • Freelance
  • Content Production
  •  Copywriting
  • Typing And Translation
  • Online Workshop
  • Cooperation In Sales
  • Gaming
  • Teaching
  • Photography

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27 Ways to Make Money as a Teen

Making money as a teenager is a phenomenon that concerns both parents and teens. It means that the maximum preference of people is to make money at home, which especially it is common for teenagers than past.
According to these, we have tried to express the best possible methods of earning money at home for teenagers in the following. On the other hand, making money online is proved attractive for teenagers and is one of the modern methods.

1. Homework And Projects

One of the best ways to “make money as a teen” is to do homework and student projects. For this model, you need to focus enough on the knowledge in which you are good.
You can get started by signing up for online essay writing sites. Moreover, solving math, physics, and chemistry exercises and doing all kinds of scientific and practical projects for students can help you earn money without investment.

2. Part-Time Jobs

Investing at a young age and gaining experience is one of the most important reasons for starting a business at this age.
Your basic financial needs may be paid for by your parents, but building a strong resume to establish yourself in business requires gaining experience and connecting with people.
Part-time jobs are one of the best business ideas for teenagers. In many part-time jobs, the owners pay according to working hours, which makes it flexible for your studies and other activities.
It is better to consult your parents and choose the best idea and method before starting any kind of business.
One of these jobs is cooperation in sales, where you can become a member of Dayan Affiliates in less than a few minutes, start working as an affiliate marketer and receive a commission for the number of products you sell.
Generating income from affiliate marketing is one of the part-time jobs that have a lot of fans. Read more about how you can make money with Affiliate Marketing.
To find a part-time job, ask your friends and family to use you as part-time workers or assistants. You can also check job portals and apply for the job. Keep in mind that many part-time jobs are not available for teenagers.
Here are some common part-time jobs in that you can make money as a teen.

3. Fascinating Video Game Recording

Have you ever thought about how games make money? So, gaming is one of the most sought-after jobs for teenagers. Teenagers are interested in video games and have skills in them.
By gaining skills in popular games, people will watch your videos or live streaming. Earning money by playing a game is easy and does not require investment.
Gain skills and publishing your recorded videos on YouTube, Twitch, and other video streaming platforms can make you extra money.

4. Create Content in Rubika

One of the jobs for teenagers is Rubika. The Rubika app is a social platform that gives you access to movies, TV shows, and music.
In this application, various channels and pages are available to increase the income of business owners, which is very useful and practical.
In Rubika, it is possible to create content in the form of text, images, and video. So, the more views it gains, the more your income will increase.

5. Sell Products on Amazon

With more than 100 million active members, Amazon is considered one of the biggest centers for buying products.
One of the benefits of using Amazon is access to valuable analytics that you can access with affordable third-party tools. One of the tools is Jungle Scout, which lets you know what products are in demand so you can offer them to millions of buyers already looking for them.
Another way to make money on Amazon is to encourage people to buy products through affiliate links. In this method, a percentage of the sale will be given to you as a commission. Read more: How to make money on Amazon?
The competition on Amazon is high, and it requires marketing strategies. So, make sure to research the ways Amazon works, and how you can sell more on Amazon. Once you established yourself as a seller on Amazon, you will able to make money as a teen.

6. Invest In Digital Currency

Recently, digital currencies have been around for a while. In cryptocurrency, there is no age limit for generating income. So, you can immerse yourself in this fascinating world by gaining basic knowledge of cryptocurrency.
This method is known as very accessible and is among the most popular ways to make money at home. Because even when you are resting, your investment money will multiply and increase your assets.
At first, some money is needed for investment. Then, by knowing the market and the knowledge needed to analyze it, you can increase your money.

7. Writing and Editing Articles 

Editing and writing articles and books are well known, and it has a lot of fans. If you have good skills in grammar and writing, we suggest you work as an editor of books and articles.
Content writing and correction are also the needs of websites, and you can correct the errors and write an article for a website.
The good thing about this method of making money is that the necessary equipment is easily available and you only need a laptop and internet.
Also, the work speed and environment are not limited and you can work at any time and place with your equipment.

8. Website Development

One way to make money with computers is to build websites for small businesses. Today, all businesses need to be online. Small businesses usually do not use web services due to the low budget and high cost of advertising agencies.
As a freelancer, you can offer a simple website to these businesses. This is a job idea for teenagers that you can easily implement. By learning how to build a website and introduce them to businesses, you can have your own business.
The equipment required is very simple and you will get the best results by using only a computer and relying on your knowledge and ability.

9. Create Themes for Instagram Pages

One of the best methods of online advertising is using Instagram pages. theme and the color of each page are created according to the business and each one has its variety.
These color themes can be made according to the business and products of that page and it will give visual beauty. Programs for creating color themes are available on mobile phones, and you can start designing by downloading and installing them. Read more: How to make money on Instagram?
You can start this business model by using this method and knowing all kinds of color spectrums. By contracting with different companies and small collections, you can get many projects. This type of job is also one of the most popular ways to make money as a teen in 2023.

10. Advertising Texts for Media

One of the most important parts of advertising for any business is the use of good slogans, which are used subcellular in different media.
You can make money by creating an account on social media and writing advertising slogans. This work does not require any investment, and it is done only by understanding the business and target audience.

11. Printed T-Shirts Design

If you have unique ideas and designs for shirts or t-shirts, you can make money by selling printed shirts.
Today, there is a great variety of portals through which you can make t-shirts, mugs, and cushions. Just search the phrase, and you will find a lot of sites and portals where you can design them.
This method of making money as a teenager is very suitable for those who are worried about investing in products to sell. Because the products are not manufactured before they are sold, there is no need to order inventory or carry out shipping. Even you don’t need a graphic designer to earn money with this job.

12. Make Videos for YouTube 

By making trending videos for YouTube, you can use Google AdSense to make money as a teen.
YouTube pays you to make quality videos, and this makes you another source of income without investment.
So, the views of your videos turn into money, and only by having a special and valuable plan, you can increase your YouTube earnings. Read more.

13. Make Money with Binary Options

A binary option is a platform where you have to predict the future price of currency or stocks. This method does not need a lot of investment.
So, making money on Binary Options is possible by studying and knowing the available charts. These transactions are based on yes and no.

14. Register on Click-Based Sites

By registering on click sites, you can earn money for every click and attract people. Currently, many foreign click-based sites are operating in this field, where you can earn extra money by clicks. The best click-based sites are included in the following.
  • Ojooo
  • Adbtc
  • Cointiply
  • CoinpayU
  • FaucetCrypto
  • Star-Clicks

15. Assistant for Small Businesses

Many people are not able to take care of other tasks due to busy schedules. So, they usually look for an assistant.
This help can be in the form of grocery shopping, meeting reminders, helping with small tasks, etc. So, this can happen to anyone; family member, friend, or anyone you are comfortable with.

16. Write Content for Instagram and Blog

If you stick to the finer details of grammar and writing, content writing is a great way to make money as a teen. First, it will help you make some extra money, secondly, you can build up a portfolio.
To collaborate on blogs, prepare your content and portfolio, then you can have different projects in the field of content creation.
Once the work is done, attach the portfolio across your business’s social media pages. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for sharing your content and resume.

17. Manage Social Media Accounts for Businesses

Almost all companies and startups have social media to promote their products or services. These platforms may include Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
Managing social media has been a popular job as it is the need of today’s market. By determining the strategy and planning for the production of video, image, and text content, you can manage these networks. Of course, you have to work on your creativity put an impression on the audience.

18 Make Money by Blogging

You might think blogging may not work in 2023, but the fact is that still many professionals consider it one of the best ways to make extra money. Many hosting companies offer cheap and easy-to-build a blog. Read more here.
There are many things you need to understand before starting a blog, but the most important is Search Engine Optimization – SEO. SEO helps your content rank higher in Search Engines, Such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
Remember, constancy is the key factor of a blog. So, plan your content, and keep publishing quality content. This will help you rank higher on the search engine.
Once you got enough traffic to your blog, you can monazite your blog with ad networks, such as Google AdSense which can help you make money as a teen.

19. Teach Foreign Languages

Teaching a foreign language is an easy way and does not require investment. It is one of the best ways to earn money as a teenager.
If you have sufficient command of any foreign language, such as English, German, Turkish, etc., you can teach others to benefit from your knowledge. Read more: how to make money with online teaching?
Nowadays, there are many training courses online and you can hold your meetings only by having a strong Internet and access to Skype or various webcams.
Also, in many language teaching sites, it is possible to register for those who wish. By searching these sites, you can easily earn money at home.

20. Transcription of Audio Files

Many of those who require typing assistance keep their files in written form. If you are ear to listen to the details of a sound, transcription through audio files will be a source of income for you.
This work does not require investment, and it is possible only by having a headset and computer.

21. Become a lifeguard

Swimming is one of the favorite sports of teenagers. By becoming a professional in this skill, you can work as a lifeguard in swimming pools.
Also, if you don’t have the skills and certification, you can learn the skills of lifeguarding, and resuscitation by participating in various classes.

22. Become an Influencer (Influencer Marketing)

Today, influencers are the most influential people in advertising. If you are interested in sharing your daily life and experiences, we suggest you register on one of the social platforms and start creating content and sharing your favorite content. One of the best social networks for influencer activity is Instagram.

23. Perform in Theather

One of the most popular jobs for teenagers is working in the cinema and theater. If you are interested in this field of work, it is better to start working by acquiring skills and enrolling in acting classes. You can also plan a theater performance with your friends and peers.

24. Start a Channel and Group on Telegram

Creating content in any social network leads to popularity and recognition. Telegram has created a suitable platform for creating content on social networks.
Video streaming, movie and series reviews, music publishing, text content, and educational content are the thing that you can use for your Telegram channel.
Earning money from Telegram and even making money on the Internet without investment is also possible and only requires ideas and a creative mind. By increasing the number of members in the channel, you can also introduce other people’s businesses and promote them.

25. Freelance

Among the jobs for teens that can be mentioned is freelance. There are many skills that businesses and individuals need, especially in the online context. Even if you are a teenager, you can use it to get the project. Here are some different skills that you can develop by acquiring them:
  • Writing/Copywriting
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Programming
  • Accounting
  • Graphic Design
  • Editing
If you are confident in your abilities, you can contact small businesses to start your career as a freelancer. In any case, freelancing is one of the ways to make money as a teen these days.

26. Flowers and Plants Care /Gardening

Maintaining and caring for flowers and plants is one of the most rewarding and lucrative jobs. By knowing the types of flowers and plants and how to care for them, you can start a business in this field.
Also, by planting different vegetables and plants that are easy to maintain, prepare the raw materials for cooking.
Also, many adults don’t have a lot of time to take care of a garden or plant, so plan your schedule to take care too. Caring for flowers and plants is simple and only needs enough light, water, and fertilizer.

27. Create Handicrafts and Household Items

Artwork is not only fun and relaxing but also a source of money making. You can earn money at home by watching videos on how to make artwork, such as pottery, resin, carpets, and rugs.
It is enough to register in product sales stores and display your products. You can also sell your products by creating an Instagram account.


In the above, we discussed the ways to make money as a teen at home in 2023. And now you knew finding a job for teenagers is not difficult and there are many job ideas for teenagers.
So, it is a summary of business ideas for teenagers. You can rely on your strengths and interests, check the opportunities created for business, and earn money with a little effort, action and perseverance. Businesses and income have no age limit.
Also, you may not have a significant income at the beginning of the path. Do not be discouraged and continue your perseverance. Working at home is one of the most straightforward solutions you can work without time and place restrictions.

Frequently asked questions

Q. After acquiring the necessary skills, how can I make money?
Ans. According to the skills you have acquired, communicate with people who are active in the same field as your interests and use their experiences. After that, look for freelancing sites and try to apply for suitable jobs according to your skills.
Q. Why choosing an online job is better for teenagers?
Ans. Students do not have enough time for full-time work. On the other hand, face-to-face jobs mostly hire full-time employees. Therefore, the best option for earning money for boys and girls will be online jobs.

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