15 High-Paying Side Hustle Jobs to Make Money in 2023 | PROVEN

15 high-paying side hustle jobs to make money online in 2023 without a degree.

Side Hustle Jobs to Make Money Online | MyAdviseNow
Side Hustle Jobs to Make Money Online | MyAdviseNow

The money you make is not sufficient for your living expenses?

Looking for a way to make extra money?

Then, you are not alone!

Due to the rising cost of living, many of us are looking for a side job. But it all comes down to your standpoint on things. There are plenty of opportunities to grow and make your life worthwhile.  You can use these opportunities to pursue your skills, talents, and welfare, or leave everything as it was.

What are the Best Side Hustle Jobs to Make Money in 2023? 

In the following piece of content, we will thoroughly guide you to get the most out of the opportunities that are available to you. So, if you are looking for your dream income with the help of the best side hustles ideas in 2023, don’t miss the deciding on regarding the side job as important as the primary job.

Because you could use the time you want to devote to a hustle job for other purposes such as entertainment, pursuing talents, and even sports or education.

A conscious decision is an indication that guides you in the proper direction. That’s why we suggest not to miss the following points before deciding on side hustle jobs to make money.

Can You Manage Two Jobs at a Time?

Before doing anything, the first question you should ask yourself is “Do I have the ability to manage two jobs at the same time? “

Give yourself some time to think, and evaluate whether choosing a side job is the right decision for you or not. Check your daily schedule for a better review and extract your daily free time.

This way you should be able to make the right decision because an unfair decision could cost you more than a side job.

Flexible Job Is the Key to Your Success

The idea of having a side job could be ideal when it has the following characteristics:

  • Does not need a time commitment
  • Having a simple recruitment process
  • Does not require heavy responsibilities
  • Ideal location.

You may think if there is a job with such characteristics. Yes, their countless side jobs that meet these criteria. So, always look for jobs with high flexibility; such as online part-time jobs or home businesses (jobs you can dedicate your weekends).

Adapt to New Conditions!

Although the income of side hustles in 2023 is pretty important, such unique jobs require flexibility as well. Once you decided to have side hustle jobs to make money online, you must prepare yourself for the new circumstances alongside.

For example, look for jobs that require your presence during weakened or less often during a week.

Remember that you are stepping on a different path full of ups and downs; It’s important to keep your motivation and pursue the path with more enthusiasm.

Your Interests and Skills: The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

There is an important rule regarding making extra money, “Don’t look for money. When you pursue the things you love, money itself comes afterward”.

Considering the quote, do you ever feel that have some expertise and skills that don’t help you with your current job, or you are interested in some different but your current position prevent you to pursue that?

So, you should use the current mysterious opportunity and do things that you have always been interested in. As you already might know that your enthusiasm and motivation are two important factors for conquering the peaks of success. By pursuing the side hustle you love, your goals are no longer a dream!

Do Thorough Research Before You Begin

These days, finding a side job that meets your abilities and expertise isn’t as difficult as it used to be. There are in-person discussions, social media, emailing, and tons of other ways to get side hustle jobs to make money.

Make sure you visit the company, cafe, restaurant, or places you are interested to work, and discuss your motivation and intention why you want to be a part of that establishment.

But remember that “caution is the condition of wisdom”; There are many scammers out there who promise you a side or part-time job while looking to take advantage of you. Therefore, in any situation, make sure to observe carefully.

The Side Jobs That Can Change Your Future | MyAdviseNow
The Best Side Hustles in 2023 That Can Change Your Future | MyAdviseNow

The Side Jobs That Can Change Your Future!

If you think that finding a side hustle in 2023 is difficult, you are wrong! Each of us has skills and expertise that we may have underestimated. If you ever doubted your abilities, don’t miss out on the following proven ways that will help to make money in 2023.

1. Apple Home Advisor 

How about making money working for Apple right at home? 

There are many home jobs Apple offers, but there are none near popular as Apple Home Advisor. Because this job requires no experience or qualification. 

What is Apple Home Advisor? 

We all know that Apple offers a variety of products and services to people. 

So, the Apple Home Advisor job is at home-based call centers where you would basically be responsible for technical support, providing customer services, troubleshooting, or assessing the issue for Apple customers with live chats and phone calls.

Also, besides being an Apple home employee, and the money you will be paid, Apple also provides you the resources such as an Apple computer and an iPhone for better job delivery.

How Much Apple will Pay you?

As of 2022, the average annual pay for an Apple Home Advisor in the United States is $65,388 a year. which is huge. 

So, the average Apple will pay you is $19/hr. However, many reported approximately $15- $31.44 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,257 a week or $5,449a month.

As a result, if you are a tech-interested person consider the Apple Home Advisor as a side hustle ideas in 2023 to make some extra money.

2. Freelance

If you are looking for a flexible, unique side hustle job with a good income, freelancing is the profession you need. But what are the advantages?

There are two major advantages of freelancing: you can decide the working time you want to devote and the amount of income!

By choosing to freelance as your side job, instead of working in companies, you will be able complete various projects and make extra money this way.

What kind of people do you think are suitable for freelancing?

In general, it doesn’t matter what field you are skilled in and what expertise you own, the freelance market is open to everyone with a different profession. From content writers and editors to graphic designers and programmers, they can start their online side hustle in 2023.

Another advantage of freelancing is that you don’t need always to work from a specific location; Just open your laptop and work remotely any time!

3. Tag TV Shows and Movies

Did you know that Netflix will pay $45 an hour to work from home? 

Let me show you.

It may look interesting to you, but one of the ways to make money with Netflix is ​​by watching movies. When you constantly use this online service, you can act as an official user of the service. 

But why? 

Because all Netflix viewers are not just users and fans of movies and series. Rather, many of them are familiar with the methods of generating money from Netflix, and for this purpose, they work on it and watch movies. 

To improve its quality, Netflix invites users who watch movies for different purposes to cooperate. Like those who watch movies to review.

So, how can you make money on Netflix?

Go to jobs.netflix.com, and after you got to the home page, make sure to search for the word “tagger”. Now, they require you to tag the movies and TV shows, and you will get paid $45 per hour for tagging.

This job is in high demand as a side hustle in 2023. And it is going fast. 

4. Share Your Computer Resources

You may not believe it, but you can make money even while you are asleep, only by sharing your ideal computer resources.

Simply go to Salad.com, install the widget tray, and let it run. by doing so, you will allow others, such as gamers to use the CPU or GPU of your computer. Some report shows that you can make approximately $5 to $10 in 24 hours.

It may not be the best side hustle in 2023, but still, you can get some gas money for free. 

Is it safe to use Salad.com?

The answer is, Yes.

If you want to know more about how the SALAD uses the resources of your PC, read here.

5. Content Writing

If you have a passion for writing, content writing is one of the best ideas for a high-paying side hustle in 2023. The flexibility of this job is that few other jobs can compete with it regarding income.

From blogs to promotional materials and posts for social networks, there are always tons of opportunities for content writing.

To find content writing projects, you should also share your samples on social pages or look for projects that suit your interests on freelance websites, such as freelancer, fiver, and Upwork.

6. Logo and Graphic Design

If you have expertise in graphic design, devote your time to logo design. But why should a logo design as a side hustle job?

New companies, start-ups, and even people who are working on particular projects are looking for an exceptional logo for their brand.

As a result, the owners of these start-ups are more willing to get an appealing design with the help of professional designers. So, devote your time to logo design to master it, then work as a freelancer to earn extra money.

Check out sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, and 99 Designs to find projects you wish to work on.

7. Translation

If you are fluent in English and other languages, use your skills to earn more money. Some people may think that the translation positions are well saturated, and are unable to find a job. The fact is the need for good translators around the world never ends.

For example, from translating articles and books to translating movies and legal documents, there are things that you can undertake as a freelancer to make money online.

All you have to do is share your translation skills with employers and get a flood of work projects!

There are many reasons to consider translation one of the side hustle ideas in 2023. 

  • it is flexible 
  • Does not require any special skill more than language proficiency.
  • it is high in demand

8. Data Entry

What is data entry?

In data entry, information is given to you through the employer and you are asked to upload it on a particular portal.

Although this side job is not as exciting as the other freelancing opportunities we’ve discussed, but still it is a good opportunity as side hustle jobs to make money online for money people. For the position of data entry, you don’t need anything more than good typing speed and accuracy.

With the help of these two factors, professional data entry is simple and convenient, through which you will be able to make extra money.

9. Photography and Filming

With the popularity of social media, the filming and photography industries have become more heated and demanding.

That is why this profession well demanding as one of the best side hustle ideas. Of course, choosing this job requires not only good skills but also heavy-duty tools.

So, you always have the opportunity to commit your free time to this industry. We all know that special occasions, parties, and celebrations are raging every day. So, meet with your clients and edit their photos and videos throughout the week to earn extra money.

You may not believe it, but photography and videography of weddings, birthday parties, and other events will bring you an ideal income.

10. Blogging 

Blogging is still one of the best side hustle ideas for many entrepreneurs. Some of you may think that blogging is over in 2023, but many experts still consider it to be a good idea to connect with customers.

Blogging will allow you to influence your target audience. So, If you are looking to influence your target audience, start a blog and create content in your free time.

Almost all big brands have their own official blog from the start. Because it has an important role to influence the target audience. Thus, if you own a business, no matter small or large, you should always have an official blog next to your brand to attract the attention of your audience.

The interesting thing about blogs is the possibility of setting up an independent instance. So, you don’t always need to have a reputable brand as a complement to your blog.

Today, some of the biggest blogs in the world do not have a brand by their side to influence their target audience. So, this is fully compensated by the interactive content of the blogs.

So, if you still consider blogging as a side hustle ideas make money, we have a thorough article for you. Read here

11. Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is one of the most profitable side hustle ideas that often require special skills and knowledge in teaching. When you chose private teaching, it is usually paid on an hourly basis and if you have a good reputation in this field, you will achieve incredible income.

But what skills do you need for private tutoring?

  1. Mastering a specific field and having sufficient literacy in that particular field
  2. Ability to teach and transfer concepts to others
  3. Ability to communicate with parents and students.

Of course, the most important thing above all is the skills and ability to organize your work and be organized. Also, you must strengthen your bond with parents and students and be well acquainted with the curriculum that is provided.

So, if you are passionate about teaching why not choose it as one of your side hustles in 2023?

How to find private tutoring opportunities?

Once you start teaching and have the necessary skills in this field, everyone will ask about your unique teaching; In this way, you will attract many clients over time.

It doesn’t matter if you are good at teaching school subjects, cooking, and sports; It is enough to have the necessary expertise to teach your desired field and earn money in this way.

12. Working as a Tour Guide

It does not matter where you live, as far as your country has tourist attractions, it attracts people to visit your country. The presence of tourists in your city or country means an exceptional opportunity to make extra money.

Of course, as with all other side jobs it requires special skills such as Language skills, the ability to communicate, and familiarity with the history of tourist points.

What is the first step to working as a tour guide?

To start this work, choose a program as your city tour guide and introduce the beauty of the city to the visitors with an enchanting expression. Choosing weekends when the number of visitors increases.

Of course, there is another to choose from as a side job idea is “Food tour guide”. Tourists often look to taste the local cuisine, and this allows you to earn extra money. So, It is enough to be familiar with the local dishes and famous restaurants of your city and express your knowledge with enthusiasm.

As a result, by choosing this profession, you will not only enjoy the historical places and stunning views of the city but will also earn good money by guiding tourists.

So, why not consider the tour guide as one of the side hustle ideas in 2023 ha..?

13. Children Care Taker

If you are interested in children and playing with them, babysitting will be one of the best side hustle ideas for you. Currently, many families do not have the time to take care of their children due to their busy schedules.

Of course, Choosing this profession requires a lot of patience and precision and it does not seem so simple, But many families pay a good amount of money for this work which is worth your effort in the end.

So, good communication with children and their parents is one of the skills you need as a childcare worker. Remember that choosing this job will is an important responsibility.

However, children have their own vitality and beauty, and it is one of the best side hustle jobs to make money for people who are looking to get away from worries and stressful days.

14. Service Jobs

The need of various industries and start-ups for human services is endless! Part-time sales to working as a waiter in restaurants and cafes are among the side hustle ideas in 2023.

So, to make your job interesting and enjoyable, go to stores, restaurants, and cafes that you are interested in, and offer your fascination and services to them. Such as these jobs always have high time flexibility and it is considered one of the best side hustle ideas.

15. Set Up Your Own Business

If you don’t find any of the side hustle ideas suitable for you, it’s time to start your own business. But, don’t forget that this idea not only requires more effort but also costs a good investment.

So, if you have the money and interest to start a business, don’t miss the opportunity to follow your dreams. Though starting business points to a lot of responsibilities toward you; However, it is still flexible in terms of time.

Remember starting any business has its own challenges.

Before doing anything, it is better to get some good advice and guidance from people who have already gone through it.

For example, if you are planning to open a pizza shop, it is better to consult with a professional in the field and understand the needs of the business before risking your investment and efforts.


When the primary job doesn’t satisfy your life, or you think of a dream to pursue, the best side hustle in 2023 is a good idea. Of course, before anything, you must consider your abilities, interests, time, and money from your job and weigh all aspects of it deeply.

In this article, we tried to share with you the most unique side hustle jobs to make money online in 2023. In end, remember that your mind can create other opportunities and jobs; All you have to do is trust your abilities and use the opportunities to change your life forever!


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