Increase website traffic organically: 25 Ways (2021)

Attracting more traffic ( increase website traffic ) to the site is one of the main tasks of the site administrator because it makes the site more visible and, as a result, more sales. In this article, MyAdviseNow (MAN) has introduced 25 techniques that can be implemented to significantly increase your site traffic.

In 2016, a staggering 209.6 million people in the United States searched for products online, compared their prices, and bought them. In the 21st century, in order to be able to compete in this crowded market, it is vital to promote our products and services through a website. However, if no one visits your website and does not search and compare products, it is as if your site does not exist at all.

increase website traffic
how to increase website traffic through google

What works to drive more traffic to your site? (increase website traffic)

Just look at the following 25 ways to increase website traffic.

1. Get help from social media to increase website traffic

Use social media like FB, Instagram, Twitter, and more… to promote your website and attract visitors. Post interesting and engaging content on social media and besides them, putting a link to the website to encourage people to visit your site.

2. Make sure your site is search engine optimized

Optimize your site with the right keywords and keep it updated with fresh content. By doing this, you can increase the site’s ranking in search engines and increase traffic to the site.

3. Create a blog section on your website and update it regularly

Having a blog section on the website is one of the most effective ways to get people to interact with the brand and encourage them to visit your site. Regularly updating your blog with interesting and informative content can also encourage visitors to return to your site.

4. Use “click advertising” campaigns (CPC) to increase website traffic

As the pioneer of the art of online marketing Neil Patel points out, one of the most basic ways to drive more traffic to a business website is to use paid campaigns. CPC (cost per click) is a way to invest in different types of keywords and is an easy way to promote a website to an audience (who might not find you naturally and through search).

5.Use business cards for offline advertising

Good and old business cards are by no means obsolete. Having business cards with details about your site address written on them can give you the opportunity to advertise your site at any time and is one of the most cost-effective offline marketing strategies.

6. Participate in business programs to increase website traffic

Business plans are a great way to promote your brand, network, and attract customers. Use business applications as a means of presenting and displaying text ads and business cards. You should write full details of your website on these ads.

7. Use an influencer to increase website traffic

Using effective marketing (someone who has a lot of followers in your business and can very effectively promote your brand, advertising, and services) is a surefire way to attract people and drive more traffic to websites. It is commercial.

8. Enter your website address on your work uniforms and under your brand name

If your business is one of those jobs that has work uniforms or uniforms, make the most of the employees’ uniforms with advertising and hack your name and website address on them, or even T-shirts and jackets with the brand logo and Generate a website address.

9. Optimize your website for display on mobile devices

Today, a very large and significant amount of digital traffic is generated through mobile devices. Make sure your website is optimized for display on smartphones and tablets.

10. Guest posts on other sites

Instead of limiting new blogs to just your site, publish the content of these blogs as an honorary post or as a guest on other sites’ blogs. Putting links to direct your website to reputable sites (which have high domain power), is a great way to improve SEO and attract more traffic to your site.

11. Invite other people to post on your site blog

Inviting others to post quality and engaging articles (that do not contain spam links) on your site is a great way to increase site traffic. In this way, the author of the post should share the content and report of his work with your brand and business.

12. Publish content on LinkedIn to increase website traffic

As WrodStream co-founder and MobileMonkey CEO Larry Kim puts it, “LinkedIn is a great way to get the most out of your content to a large audience.” By publishing unique and engaging content on LinkedIn, you can drive significant traffic to your website.

13. Display the details of your website in your office or store

By displaying your site address on your office or store window, you can promote your brand and site to those who pass in front of it. This is an incredibly cost-effective and simple tactic.

14. Use car advertising strips to advertise your site address

Be sure to use your car as a moving advertisement so that wherever you go in the city, everyone can see your logo, brand name and site details.

15. Advertise in print media to increase website traffic

About 17% of small businesses still advertise in newspapers on a regular basis, so print media advertising is not out of the question. Use newspapers and magazines to promote your business, include your site details to encourage your audience and readers to visit your website.

how to drive massive traffic to your website
increase website traffic

16. Use direct mail campaigns

Placing paper advertisements on the tables of cafeterias, coffee shops, and waiting rooms, and placing brand and website advertisements in homes or mailboxes is also a very successful way to inform your audience.

17. Interview with your business elders and put it on your website

Publishing interviews with well-known market and business names can also be a great way to drive more traffic to your site and increase your credibility.

18. Be interviewed for other sites

In line with the previous method, it is not bad to interview other sites as a successful example of business and industry to increase your credibility and presence in the field online and send more people to your website.

19. Participate in networking events

Networking has many benefits for small businesses. One of these advantages is the opportunity to promote the website to the right audience.

20. Put internal links on your site

When publishing content on a website, use content-related internal links to improve your SEO and make your content a good user experience – this is a key feature in increasing website traffic.

21. Publish original research on your site

Original research helps drive more traffic to your website, so try to find original research that is not available on other sites. For example, find those in webinars, unpublished articles, or ways of doing things expressed by business leaders.

22. Optimize and user-friendly content on your website

Is the content on your site optimized for readability and engagement with visitors? Tweak the content of your site a bit to make it more attractive and advertising (but not spam) and have relevant keywords in them. This is an effective way to attract more traffic to the site.

23. Advertising on the local radio channel

Advertising on local radio channels is a very effective way to promote a website to a local audience.

24. Update old blog posts to increase website traffic

Revitalizing old blog posts by linking them to today’s content and adapting them to your target audience is also a simple and cost-effective way to improve SEO and increase site traffic.

25. Use YouTube and DailyMotion to advertise your site and increase website traffic

YouTube and daily motion act as social advertising channels for small businesses. You can put creative and constructive videos in your channel to encourage people to subscribe. Do not forget to put your site address in your YouTube and Dailymotion channels.

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