How to make money from Amazon? Working Strategies

These days, earning money has become one of the biggest concerns for people; The reason is the financial problems many faces. When the name of earning dollars comes to different people’s ears, they show enthusiasm at first, but the existence of limitations makes many people prefer real income.

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world that many people worldwide cooperate with and quickly experience an excellent dollar income. One question that arises for many people is how it is possible to earn money from Amazon. In this article, MyAdviseNow (MAN) want to review 15 of the most important ways to make money from Amazon so that, if you like, you can start working with the most extensive online store in the world.

how to make money from amazon
how to earn money through amazon

What is making money from Amazon?

If you have been active on the Internet, it is unlikely that you have not heard the name Amazon! Amazon is the largest online store in the world, which delivers sellers’ products to customers in various ways. Jeff Bezos founded this online store in 1994, and at first, it sold only five products.

These products included CDs, hardware, software, videos, and books, which received excellent feedback initially. Now Amazon has served for more than 25 years, and it has become an ideal environment for various people to earn money.

Currently, Amazon has provided users with various ways to make money that do not require physical work, and you can do these things from home.

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15 ways to earn money from Amazon

Suppose you are one of those people who want to experience earning dollars from Amazon before doing anything. In that case, you should familiarize yourself with this company’s different job positions. This company makes billions of dollars monthly, and you can allocate a part of this profit as your income.

Currently, Amazon sends its products to all countries (except those sanctioned by the United States). Hence, there are job opportunities for all people anywhere in the world. In this section, we want to examine ways to earn money from Amazon so that you can choose a suitable job position and start working:

Selling products on Amazon (FBA)

The first way to make money from Amazon is to sell products! Amazon has allowed users to send their products to the company’s warehouses, and Amazon does the rest. In this method, you determine the product’s price after calculating the profit for Amazon and send the product to this company.

Then Amazon sells your product on the site and sends it to the customer. Of course, Amazon sellers sometimes pack the products themselves and send them to the customer to avoid paying high costs to this company. Of course, this work has its advantages and disadvantages! For example, if you want to pack the products yourself, you may face problems due to the high order volume.

In these cases, use the Amazon FBA system, the same as sending the product to Amazon’s warehouses and packaging and sending it to customers.

In this income-generation method, everything is in your hands! You price the product yourself and determine the amount of profit yourself. So the best and most profitable way to earn money from Amazon is this way! Of course, before doing this, first research the market needs so that your capital is not lost; Many Amazon sellers jump into this system without doing any research and make and ship the product to Amazon.

Due to the low sales of that product, such sellers make losses and lose their capital. Also, you should check the terms and conditions of selling products on Amazon, so you don’t run into problems.

Exclusive product registration on Amazon

Another way to make money from Amazon is to customize the product or Private Label! If you visit the Amazon site, you will find that dozens of people are selling the same effect, which means heavy competition. For this reason, some sellers register their products with their brand on Amazon, which makes it so that if customers are satisfied with that seller’s product, from now on, they will purchase the same seller’s products if there is a competitor.

One of the most important advantages of selling a branded product on Amazon is that the product page is entirely under your control, and you can change any specifications. For example, suppose a customer has purchased a product that you sell. The mismatch of one product’s information enters a negative opinion.

If you have the product page, you can easily change it and satisfy the users; Otherwise, you must change your product and modify it according to the information posted by Amazon.

You are buying a cheaper product and selling it more expensively.

It may be interesting to you, but one of the ways to earn money from Amazon, which many people do, is to buy a cheaper product and sell it more expensively. This method of making money from Amazon is called Retail Arbitrage, and many people make their living from it.

People do it so that people avoid the costs of shipping the product! People buy and store the product in Amazon’s warehouse or even the seller’s warehouse. When a seller sells a consequence, they send it to the buyer from the warehouse of the previous seller or Amazon!

One of the most important reasons why many people do this is that it is expensive for sellers to ship products from China, reducing the seller’s net profit. So by doing this, the sales process became more accessible, and the payoff was more!

If you can cooperate as a seller on Amazon, you can do the same without having trouble supplying and sending the product. Of course, you must have enough expertise for this! Many people do this but lose capital due to a lack of information or interest.

Cooperation in warehouses for shipping Amazon products

Every online store has a physical warehouse to keep the products! Many people work in warehouses related to online stores to provide good services to customers. Another way to earn money from Amazon is to partner with Amazon warehouses! Of course, to operate in this field, you must live in a city with Amazon warehouses.

In addition to the warehouse, Amazon recruits people in other departments, such as the product separation center, delivery stations, second-hand goods delivery centers (Prime Now), and customer service centers. For complete information about the job positions at Amazon, you can refer to this site’s recruitment and jobs section and send an application for one of the jobs according to your abilities and skills so that the Amazon human resources team will contact you.

This method of cooperation with Amazon can generate an excellent income for you based on your ability, but you must note that this work is face-to-face, and there must be one of the Amazon warehouses where you live.

Working as a product delivery person in uniform (Amazon Prime)

One of the essential services that Amazon has launched is that in big cities, instead of using mail carriers, ordinary people in personal clothes are used to deliver purchased products. In fact, instead of hiring an official force, Amazon has left a part of the product delivery service to ordinary people.

Therefore, Amazon has made it possible for people who have cars and mobile phones and live in one of the cities where Amazon has warehouses to earn money. This Amazon service is called Amazon Prime and has many fans.

Answering user questions as an Amazon Associate

Another thing you can do as an associate at Amazon is to answer user questions! At Amazon, every user has questions, and the Amazon team needs people who can answer these questions well. Amazon pays around $18 to $25 per hour.

Many people easily choose this job as a second job and, after finishing the first job, go to this job, which is not difficult. Of course, you should note that the quality of work is essential! Therefore, choosing this work as a second job should be the right decision so that you don’t face problems in the future.

make money from home
make money from home

Work with Amazon from home.

Sometimes people can’t work outside the home for any reason or prefer to do their work indoors! Fortunately, Amazon has created job opportunities for such people, and you can efficiently work in the customer support team. Of course, this work opportunity is unavailable in all regions, but Amazon recruits remote work teams in some areas.

To know the conditions of this job, you can enter the Amazon site and send your resume to the human resources department of this online store if you meet the requirements.

Amazon takes 35-70% of the book sales, but the problem is that the amount of book sales on Amazon is very high, and this issue can be very profitable for you. Of course, if you write a book, you can cooperate with specialized sites in the field of books and sell your book directly. The text should not necessarily be long and over 300 pages, but users can welcome a 50-page book if it has valuable content.

Co-op as Mechanical Turk on Amazon

Amazon planned a job for a category of users; So that no person from anywhere in the world is unemployed. One of the sections that Amazon has considered is the Mechanical Turk section. In this section, you can earn a small income by completing small tasks.

MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace for doing things that a computer can’t do. For example, entering product information, converting voice to text, categorizing information, personalizing images, and hundreds of other tasks that Amazon needs can to include in this category.

Of course, if you intend to start working in this field, maybe it is better to choose another job. This method of making money from Amazon will not generate a high income for you, and if you need a high income, it is better to use the other methods we introduce. However, people who don’t have stricter working conditions may take advantage of this job and want to use it to earn money.

Collaboration in Amazon Handmade

Another section that Amazon has created is the handicrafts section! In this section, you can make and sell handmade items such as bags and jewelry. Of course, this sector has advantages and disadvantages, and it currently competes with two sites, Etsy and eBay. Now, Amazon Handmade earns close to $15 in commission and $1 in referral fees. At the same time, Etsy charges around 3.5% commission and only $0.20 for listing items.

Of course, you should note that Amazon is the largest online store in the world and the profit from sales on Amazon is much higher than that of competing sites! You sell more at a lower yield, which increases your income. If you also work as a person who makes handmade products, you can easily register in the handmade section of Amazon and start working and earning money.

Collaborate as Amazon Merch

One of the most exciting and practical sections that Amazon has created is the Amazon Merch section! You can sell the design instead of the product itself in this section. Suppose you are a clothing designer and design great strategies for printing on t-shirts! In this case, instead of having to endure various problems in producing and printing t-shirts with that design, you can quickly sell your design and idea to one of the manufacturers. The existence of this department made the designers and manufacturers of different industries closer together.

Of course, this scheme has launched, and if you are a novice designer, it may not make you rich. However, there is no cost to you to participate in this section, and you can try! During the election season in different countries, you can sell your plan at a very high price by designing and presenting election plans and experiencing a pleasant and profitable income.

We are selling second-hand products on Amazon and receiving gift cards.

All users have tools and products that are clean, but they don’t use them! These products are known as used products, and you can sell them on Amazon; For example, let’s say you have books or video games that you no longer intend to use. Selling individual items takes a lot of time, but you can sell them on Amazon. By buying that product from you, Amazon takes a picture of it and puts it up for sale.

In this transaction, you will not receive any cash, but instead of money, you will take Amazon gift cards, which you can use to buy the products you need on Amazon. In other words, this type of transaction can be considered a transaction of goods with goods, which has an excellent value for users.

Using the Amazon Vine service

If you surf on Amazon, sometimes you will see comments where the customer wrote that he received a particular product for free by registering this comment! In this section, Amazon will only send a product to people who constantly leaving reviews, free of charge.

Of course, this is not easy, and you should always leave a comment to receive a gift. Like the previous section, you won’t get any cash, but you can get a product instead. Although this does not earn you money, considering it is not too difficult, you can invest in it and get free products! Of course, you can only work part of the day and should not look at it as a full-time job.

Collaboration in Amazon Services

Many people are number one in technical work, and they can do a lot, From faucet repair to tidying up the house! Amazon has created a division called Amazon Services that provides services to users. In this service, there is no need to be in a specific country, and you can earn money in the same area of ​​residence.

Amazon offers you tasks, and you can easily do such jobs for the residents of your city and pay for them. Of course, in this service, Amazon reduces its commission, which is between 15 and 20 percent and deposits the rest for you.

These 15 things are among the most important ways to earn money from Amazon. You can start operating in one of its sections.


Amazon is one of the biggest online stores in the world that needs a lot of people! In this article, we have thoroughly reviewed all the ways to earn money from Amazon so that you can start earning dollars. If you have any questions, ask them through the comments section, and we will guide you.

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