YouTube Podcasts in 2023 | Complete Guide + Download PDF Free

YouTube has released a comprehensive guide to publishing podcasts

YouTube is a suitable platform for publishing podcasts, and Google has been trying to optimize this experience for some time. In this article, we look at the comprehensive guide for publishing podcasts on YouTube, which was recently published and can give you practical tips for producing podcasts on YouTube.

In this 67-page file that was recently published, YouTube announced that “you can publish your podcasts on YouTube in the best way with this guide file prepared using previous experiences from this platform.” However, YouTube has stated that there is no guarantee of success using this file, and it only provides tips for better publishing and producing more professional podcasts.

The comprehensive guide file for podcasts on YouTube is divided into three critical sections.

  • Content production strategy
  • Channel strategy
  • Content production

This guide starts with channel strategy and answers frequently asked questions. Questions like:

  • Should we use a new channel for podcasts or use our existing channel?
  • When should we consider multiple channels for our podcast?

In the next step, more complete explanations are given about the content production strategy, which is one of the most critical parts of content production in any field. This section discusses planning and the necessary steps before publishing, content and advertising.

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In the planning section, the necessary information about the rules of YouTube for content production is given, which includes the departments of research and examination of the audience and topics and helps you to choose better topics.

The following are some tips on choosing the video’s thumbnail, title, and description. In a part of this file, YouTube says: “Producing content according to a certain schedule is much more important than producing content continuously.”

YouTube Podcasts

Producing high-quality content is great, but consistency is much more critical because creating high-quality content requires a lot of energy. The key to success is to strike a good balance between quantity and quality of work and do it for a long time.

Below are explanations about advertising in different sections of YouTube, such as YouTube shorts, the offers section, and the community tab, to help you find new audiences.

In the content production section, Google has also mentioned that: “YouTube audiences are more inclined to video podcasts than audio podcasts.” Below are some practical examples to get a better start by following them.

YouTube podcast guide
podcasting on YouTube PDF

This file was published while many people were waiting for particular features to publish podcasts on YouTube. It is still being determined whether the YouTube podcast feature will be added to the YouTube or YouTube Music app or how to use it.

Download the comprehensive guide file for podcast publication

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