How to make money with a YouTube cooking channel 2023

Are you one of those people who does miracles in cooking? All family members and friends love the taste of your food. If you answer yes, you wouldn’t mind making money from your art! And what’s better than making money from YouTube cooking channel?

If you are an internet user, you must have heard the name YouTube and know that YouTubers earn money through their videos. Of course, you can also earn money by sharing your culinary expertise on YouTube! How about MyAdviseNow give your full answer here? Join MyAdviseNow (MAN) in this article to discover how to make money from YouTube as a chef.

how to earn money from YouTube
how to earn money from YouTube by monetization

How to start a successful YouTube cooking channel?

Before we learn how to earn money from YouTube as a chef, it is better first to get acquainted with launching a successful and popular channel on this social network for videos. A successful YouTube channel takes a lot of work, but here’s how to get started on starting a cooking YouTube channel broken down into these simple steps:

  1. Follow YouTube cooking channels and watch their shows regularly. Check out what other cooks and chefs are doing and carefully see where you can innovate. Shape your mental plan to advance cooking around a mindset that you are sure you can do uniquely and well.
  2. Find out how to cook, test recipes, and shoot and edit videos. Write a plan that is prepared according to your life situation and stick to that plan. Regularly upload your videos. (once a week or more). It will help you retain your followers.
  3. Before filming, write a suitable scenario for each of your cooking. Practice talking to viewers during YouTube cooking tutorials. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes and see what is most valuable and exciting for them.
  4. Promote your YouTube channel on other social media like Instagram, and ask followers to follow your new recipes on YouTube.

Skills you need to make money cooking on YouTube.

Creating cooking content for YouTube means practicing your techniques and recipes repeatedly. Hence, you’re ready when it comes time to record a cooking tutorial. That’s why to earn money from YouTube as a chef. You must first spend a lot of time improving your cooking skills. Here are some skills you should work on before starting your channel:

  • Essential and basic cooking techniques: If you want to teach cooking professionally on your YouTube channel, you must follow other chefs, learn new tricks, and use them in your cooking.
  • Ease of expression in cooking instruction: Practice teaching how to cook food quickly and understandably for your audience.
  • Likeability: One of the most critical factors in attracting an audience on YouTube. Your expression, personality, and teaching style should be endearing and attract the audience.
  • Professional video filming and editing: Today, innovation and professionalism are significant for the audience. Put yourself in the place of the viewer; Would you like to watch a low-quality video with bad filming? You should shoot the videos professionally and show the details of your cooking. A professional video is enjoyable for the audience and increases views.

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How to attract an audience for the YouTube cooking channel?

The monetization of YouTube from 2017 onwards is very much tied to the content on the channel. The number of subscribers (those who follow the YouTube channel) affected the income from this network, and the attraction of these followers was directly related to the channel’s content.

To make money from YouTube as a chef, you must provide engaging, fresh, relevant content to your audience.

MyAdviseNow (MAN)

YouTubers are looking to learn new tips and creativity in videos. In addition, to attract an audience, you should consider a few points when creating content for a cooking channel on YouTube, which are:

  • Create a regular content calendar for yourself;
  • Be aware of the trends of the day;
  • Interact with your audience;
  • Encourage users to like and subscribe;
  • Collaborate with other YouTube channels.

How to make money with a YouTube cooking channel?

Now that we know how to increase the number of YouTube subscribers and attract an audience for the cooking channel – which is essential to making money from this platform. Let’s learn how to make money from YouTube for the cooking channel. In the following, we will see the ways to earn money from YouTube as a chef, with the general conditions of making money from YouTube.

Getting ads on videos

Once your channel has reached the required number of subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time, you can allow YouTube to display ads on them. You earn money depending on the ad format placed on your content, the particular ad price, or other factors determined by YouTube.

Get financial support for the YouTube channel.

Suppose you can grow your channel and have several thousand subscribers. In that case, different food brands will contact you for sponsorship and want you to promote their brand. The more viewers and subscribers you have, the more attractive your channel will be to brands looking to promote their products.

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Top YouTube cooking channels 2023

To get an idea of ​​cooking channels, try to follow popular channels on YouTube and check how they increase visits and attract an audience and what their audience likes. In the following, we will introduce some popular channels that are active on YouTube:

Steph and Adam’s YouTube channel

Steph and Adam are two famous YouTube chefs who specialize in vegan cooking. On their channel, which currently has over 600,000 subscribers, they make and share vegetarian cooking videos with their subscribers.

During the Corona era, when quarantine became a challenge, Steph and Adam responded to people’s cooking needs with appropriate and relevant content. They collected and saved 25 of their previous recipe videos into a YouTube playlist. Then, for people to have more access to raw materials during the Corona era, they shared recipes for dishes that people could quickly cook at home.

Bon Appétit cooking channel on YouTube

If you like discovering new recipes, learning new recipes and cooking techniques, and sharing them with subscribers on your YouTube channel, be sure to follow the Bon Appétit YouTube channel. With more than 6 million subscribers, this channel is one of the world’s most successful and best cooking channels, offering excellent ideas for developing the cooking channel. These ideas will help you grow your audience and earn money from YouTube as a chef.

Gordon Ramsay’s cooking channel on YouTube

With recipes from Gordon Ramsay, a professional chef, and well-known YouTube personality, you can learn how to cook delicious dishes. You will also get to know new cooking ideas that can help attract an audience to your channel. The successful chef has more than 19 million followers on YouTube and earns money by sharing his videos with these followers and their views.

Sam’s cooking channel, the cooking man, on YouTube

On Sam the Cooking Guy’s YouTube channel, you can learn how to cook American dishes such as cheese sandwiches, grilled chicken doners, cheese paninis, and other interesting American dishes. His channel has over 3 million subscribers, teaches them various cooking techniques, and earns money from YouTube by getting high views on each video.

French Culinary Academy

As a chef on YouTube, you can learn French food from someone who knows how to cook it. Every Thursday, Stephen publishes a new French recipe on his YouTube channel, French Cooking Academy. This academy teaches its 640,000 subscribers a classic French dish easily. The approach of the chef of this channel is to prepare the most complex dishes with the most elaborate and straightforward methods. It causes the number of views on his channel to increase, and in this way, he earns a good income from YouTube.

final word

If you want to use your creativity in cooking and earn dollars from YouTube while teaching your art, start your cooking show on YouTube and start your channel. In addition to making money from cooking on YouTube, creating a channel can also help you improve your cooking skills.

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